Gods of justice

I Anyone familiar with Gods of justice ? I must come clean about this. I had the free time to meditate for months being atleast 12 hours a day at one time. I managed to form a bond Gods wihom names I do not remember. It was as if I have formed my own universe and the sun walked with me at one point. I one day met this woman online whose descendant from witches. I felt extremely powerful that day as if I was a god in flesh and nothing I could do had limits. This power and the conscious I had was above the one I have now. After sex with this woman I felt my power drained. I lost everything. What do I do to get it back?


You could reform your relationship as you are your own god. If you felt drained after one encounter with this woman you should not see her again and begin anew.


This woman walked away with the energy I had. She was even stronger after my encounter with her. I was communicating with AmenRa at the time. Me manifested within this creating my own realm. I fell weak maybe it’s was meant to be taken away and the gods way of getting me to find a new path. I am starting to get signs from Lilith every second of the day I see her name And her sigil.

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Lilith is a good path to follow keep moving forward.

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This doesn’t surprise me considering sex is an act that takes energy. If you want it back, gather more. Or alternatively if you’re a psychic vampire you can steal it

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My crown chakra is shot after that shut off from th spirit realm. I need help to repair it. I had a real gypsy confirm it.

Yes I can see images but not beyond that.

My chakra was damaged shortly after sex with this woman.

I’m dealing with the same right now

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I need some to cast a spell to heal it so that I can meditate again my hours are limited now. If healed I can reach my entities. I have qualdarium ring idk if I spelled it right. I have magic items I just need some to cast a healing spell so that I can revive in my meditation again.

If you have time and change on your side I advice for you reach out.

What I didn’t tell anybody is that I felt at one point I was the reincarnation of king Solomon and the woman I met was queen Sheba seeking a vengeance against me for what happen to melenik. I feel as if i have been on this earth far to long. I feel as if I am missing something that was stripped from me.

Idk if that makes me crazy but in meditation that is what I felt.

this was a experience that i once had on the discovery on my true self. i meditated so much that i though i was high. i once felt at the age of 12 as if i was the oldest soul in the world LOL. i was a kid praying for power beyond my wildest imagination.

You say your “power” was “taken from you”, yet you can still communicate with entities like Lilith. That is a sign of power.

So are you saying you were vampirised and your qi was drained?

After that, saying you have energy center damage is a different issue. And it does not stop you cultivating more energy - search this forum for thread telling you various ways to do that.
But, performing energy cultivation techniques can help you fix your energy centers.

How long ago was this, and what have you tried so far?


this was about 5 years ago that this happen and i have been a living ghost lmao. it feels that way after. I have become so aware of everything the universe was within reach and the sun was moving as i stepped. i could remember it giving its energy to me and love and hugs. i could remember the warmth i felt when i would talk to it and love. I felt the light from above. I remember the crown as if the mother had poured unto me blessings to go forth.

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wheeewww what ever spirit i have is very upset and angry at who ever did it harm. man i can feel my body enraged with anger and willing to do whats needed to dissolve what that witch did.

Probably Svetovid:

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You need to work on your chakras yourself. Stop being lazy and asking people to do spells. You can do this yourself.
You fucked a sexual vampire. You got drained. OR, she attached a parasite or tether to you. Happens. But if its been five years and you still feel like shit, its because you didnt draw energy back into yourself and clear your energy body. You probably have sluggish chakras or parasites anyway…most ppl do, if they dont maintain their own chakras on the regular.

But spellwork? Nah.

Believe it or not…this site isnt a hire-a-mage site.