Gods locations

i was thinking all spirits and Gods have they own location ,where you can feel they presents more stronger and so on .so its a good thing to travel all around the world to connect with them.

if am wrong stop me and don’t let me go


Mount Hermon might prove to be an interesting place for an invocation of the fallen ones.


There are some places that can, for many different reasons get you more opened for spiritual experiences.
But, the atmosphere of common forests, mountains, lakes can be very inspiring, so you can go further than usual.
IMO, you don’t have to travel the world just for that. If you live in a city, find some place you can easily drive to, it’s much easier and effects should be more or less the same.

Good luck!


No you are right, I am not 100% sure of the Gods location part, but I think it makes sense. I’m sure evoking Zeus in Greece is more effective then in America.

Definitely different areas are more magical than others. Blow powder in someones face in NYC and they wont die for months, do that in Ghana and they will be dead by Sunday dinner. Its quite crazy but it makes sense. Walk around India and there are people performing miracles all around you. We are all connected by black matter, which gives us a real connection to what we do. Imagine a mage world around you. If everyone in your country believed in magick how crazy shit would be! Those vibrations are everywhere and flow more easily and the people are still more connected to nature then the people who are constantly ego active from the hustle and bustle.

When it comes to different gods and entities, etc… I like to say this… Look at the people in the areas where those particular gods/ entities are praised. I prefer not work with anything whose ppl live in poverty and misery. So keep that in mind during your search.


this what i am thinking and 1 of the biggest thing that have me still thinking is how they fight for Jerusalem and there always have wars how it can be a holy place? the only thing you should be able to evoke is darkness and them great people die there all on the cross so we can say its graveyard.
and if they say jesus dead in jarusalem then that must be a very bad place if you like jesus right ?
if my bother dead in spain then i will never like spain lol,maybe am talking crap so lets cheers to that

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Hear! Hear! Agreed!

When working with entities, out of respect, I adhere to their directions (i,e. King Paimon to the north-west). But I am a living God, so where I am is always just right. And there’s always lots of energies around.



A lot of it relates to blood sacrifice and what locations the spirits received them in. Think of Uppsala. Calling down Odin there would be an amazing experience. Same applies to Stonehenge and the Aztec pyramids.


I noticed that when I moved to France from the US, Hecate stopped speaking to me altogether while Beelzebub was almost totally absent apart from the rare encounters which I could count on one hand.
Nobody there believes in magick. I couldn’t find any pagan communities. Just a bunch of small, scared people living small mind-numbing lives. Therefore, I am inclined to agree about location and it’s correlation to the energy of the people moving about.

About Jerusalem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJB_o516Y8g&t=2850s
I can’t choose a place to jump ahead to. Just watch the whole thing! SO interesting!!!