Gods, demons, and morality


I have been thinking about how a persons personal morals can affect how a demon or god interacts with you. I have seen completely “evil” people work with demons and the demons have no issue working with them, like Belial for example. There was a person on these forums named “hermdemon” who had left these forums because her experiences she felt would not be accepted here, such as being okay with rape, killing, and harming people for no reason, and felt people here have hypocritical morality on these forums. Her demons also told her to stop posting here. She had supposedly worked with Belial and other demons who she claimed were evil like her and had a sinister vibe and energy. So my question is are these beings actually “evil” and okay with sinister things and just hold that energy back from more lighter people that evoke/invoke them? Or do demons like in the goetia just adapt to a persons personality? I am leaning more towards the second one.


I’m a bit lazy to analyze it, but I’ll go with this:
It’s not that they hold back for some people. What matters most is your expectations, which is actually a part of your personality.
I’ve seen people expecting to get a spiritual teddy bear in every Spirit they summon.
Others expect to go freaky with everything they summon.
Others expect to get a super evil serial killer Spirit.
And they all get what they were expecting at the end of the day. :woman_shrugging:


I believe yes, to both. They’re ok with sinister things and hold that energy back from more lighter people, by adopting to a person’s personality. But I wouldn’t call them evil because good and evil are man-made concepts.


Would you say most angels are not okay with sinister actions against innocent people? I feel like most of the demons people on here work with are kinda like “do whatever the fuck you want” and angels tend to be more order.


There are some things that deities and daemons may personally disagree with, however when invoked they’ll shed light and regard to the situation accordingly as their service is a lapse into the “human experience”.

To me personally, I couldn’t handle the karmic weight as to working with the darker aspects of humanity to use to such relentless exploitation. But people love power. It’s understandable.


Not so. It’s like calling the Elemental Spirits, the Gnomes for example. The words you give is what they will do. Good or bad isn’t their concern, what you ask is what you get.

Also, keep in mind that there are deadly, sinister in nature spirits, so cruel and heartless who don’t know what good is or how to do it, they are full evil and if such Spirit possess someone, such person will do just like them. But anything bad has been attached to Demons as religious world teaching. And Sstan is their biggest enemy. They didn’t know that there are Demons that’s worth been with, than been with some Angels.

Almost all Spirit adapt to a person personality. Like, is this how U want it? Ok, so be it.

And do you think the Goetia Demons are all that exist? Of course there are more. In fact there some Spirits who can’t be counted as Demons, nor Angels, nor Messengers, but are pure and total evil. Yet, just by summoning them they won’t propose sinister idea to you, no! It’s what you want they will do. So if it’s something evil and sinister as their nature is, ahhh… that is perfection!


I believe Angels and Demons work in the same way. The difference is in how they work, not how they handle the relationship with the person working with them.

In my view, there are two forces of creation in nature. One is attraction, that’s what Angels do, and the other is destruction, that’s what Demons do. That’s how they create change, regardless of how we judge that change, as good or evil, they don’t have that kind of Judgment.

Destruction and attraction as forces of nature, are not the same as those concepts understood by most of us. Angels can attract destruction. And Demons can destroy repulsion and cause attraction. I hope I’m making sense.

We have free will, that’s the main point. Gods, Demons, Angels, or any other spirit, can not force us to act in any way or form. They’re all part of existence and forces of nature, as we are. They do their thing anyway, with or without us. What we call “sinister” actions or events are happening all the time without witchcraft. Some people choose to use this power that already exists. Those powers can not reject that, they have to accept our will because we’re not forcing them, but only directing them. And we are free to direct them anywhere we want.

But at the same time, as part of nature ourselves, they are also working against us. So we’re free to direct them but we’re not free to control them. They are way more complicated than what our minds can handle.


Okay so if a person who is against things such as rape, harming innocent people for fun and sport, and other sinister acts, but at the same time also working with a being that is okay with those things, don’t you find that a little hypocritical? That question goes for anyone reading this tbh.


I understand what you’re saying. I just like to question things, even things i will probably never understand, thats just human nature i guess. My conclusion is that some beings are just chaotic/destructive and don’t really care, and some are more oder/protective. I think we all have a bit of both, some are more dark with a little bit of light and vice versa, then some are more in the middle. I believe most people are in the middle whether they accept it or not. Thanks for taking your time to reply.


Yes exactly, I totally agree with you. Thanks for discussing this important topic :+1:


It’s my view that in most cases, evocation only allows us access to our own subconscious and that is why there is such a discrepancy between spirits from one person to another. I do believe in real gods and spirits, but I don’t think that anyone on this forum are contacting them.


I think it is very possible they are contacting servitors of these beings, so yea i agree with you.


If one considers that the good & evil thing is just a point of view and the raw meaning of morality is just a set of values held by an individual, a small group or a society, then… no, I don’t think it is hypocritical for the person in question.
Perhaps, as much as it clashes with some of their personal values, they don’t bother.
Perhaps it doesn’t really clash with anything, they just don’t really care and focusing on their Work could be their primary value in their morality. Doesn’t matter if the spirit who’s aiding them does sinister acts. :slight_smile:


No, but I sense its yes you want to hear :smiley:
a) By accepting that the X Spirit has whatever type of nature, means you’re accepting other people’s personal gnosis. Are we forced to accept what others believe or experienced throught their own perception which we don’t even know how limited it was? Do you want to set your experiences into someone else’s boundaries? If that’s the case, then summoning any Demon is a huge no-no as the whole JCI movement says are evil entities who want to destroy humans and only Angels are here to help and save us.


b) Morals are made from humans for humans. Things work a biiiit different in the astral.


Can you elaborate a bit about what you mean by “karmic weight”?


The way I see it, the entities we conjure are “impersonal energies” that are from the realm of Pure Potential. Pure potential can be manifested into anything, including “evil” things such as cursing people for sport. It doesn’t make them good or evil, it just means they will do what we ask of them.


Well your senses must be alittle off then because i really do not care if it was a yes or a no, :man_shrugging:t3:, i don’t really need your approval. I mean, there is a part of the brain that exhibits empathy, i believe morals are humans attempt to understand empathy. But anyways, thanks for taking your time to reply. Blessings.


My approval for what? Did you expressed your own opinion and you feel I’m judging you? :thinking:

Oh well, not in the mood for games… You asked, I answered, you went into defence mode. Not gonna deal with this! Have a good night!


Sorry but just from seeing your first comment of “i am too lazy to analyze what you’re saying”, so then why did you reply to my thread? Then when i did reply to your first post “i had a bad feeling about doing so”, you then just came across kinda snarky and arrogant, like you do in most of your posts i have seen, there is a lot of that on these forums, so i am a prepared. O well. Cya around.


Yea i think that is pretty much the conclusion that i have came to, maybe a little difference but pretty similar to what i believe now. Thanks for replying, blessings.