Yesterday I began to see Azazel so much clearer as if he was standing in front of me. I still have yet to do any rituals to work with him… I just somehow have a rather deep connection to him.

But yesterday as I was outside I saw and felt him walk up to me on the sidewalk and he made me realize that him and I are the same. The world we live in is like a hologram which I knew but what I didn’t quiet grasp was how I am literally expanding into a goddess… yes I knew the words but he showed me that he’s just a normal person where we are all headed. Everyone has the abilities of the gods and ascended masters, some more than others but those are people who practice.

He said I am the same as him! It’s exciting! But I’m still not flying yet so I’ve got much work to do.

Any ideas on a simple ritual for Azazel I’m debating bringing him here in the flesh for a few moments… though through our conversations he has said I have a way of bringing him here into the flesh much longer.

Ritual ideas for him? I’ve never done one for him and I’m careful which rituals I do since they work every time.