Godforms are very interesting. They are a part of us and our spiritual form/related to our spiritual form. Let’s talk about our godforms and learn more about ourselves. Let’s learn about our godforms and our potential.


Well from other peoples reading and my own exploration. I have relieased my godform is an ancient king of the eternal darkness.

This explains why I have spirits who serve me, also why I have such a strong relation to demonic magick. Also why I feel as though theres alot of things I can do in spite of being on this path seriously for 9 or 10 months.

It gives me a better understanding of who and what I am. Its comforting in a way.


You’ve practiced magick that long? I would have thought with your power that you practiced longer.


Another thing, I see that there is going to be a much needed conversation with someone who caused you pain unintentionally. I can’t see anything else but, I thought I’d let you know.

What is a godform, sry I’m a newbie


What I have been able to deduce, having never seen or experienced my own or anyone elses, is we have a few choices when we pass on. Merge with source, or retain our freedom and become our godform. We would basically be in the same position as the beings we work with on this forum; free to explore eternity and all existence, and help/hinder the evolution of all creation.


Ohhhhhh ok I gotcha, thanks man

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That’s why its important that I know that. Because thier is alot of I things I can do. That i dont feel as though I should be able to do. Right now because of what and who i am. I’m pretty sure you can read my enegry and see that.

And lol funny you say that. She said it was untentional but I’m just like screw her. I’m over that relationship.

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Thats awesome! How long did it take you to see and realize your godform? I started a couple months ago just mainly doing evocations. Havent had the balls to do invocations yet but I think I’m ready, I barely use any tools at all and I’m progressing.

I’ve had other entities that I have not called on around me for a while now. way before I got into all this and I will hopefully find out who and what they are soon but right now I’m clueless.

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Not long. Maybe a week or so. And with the help of people I helped initiate into magick. One of the things I’m still delevloping is acting vision. But my enternal sight is pretty spot on for the most part.


Thats great that should make your journey and progression much easier than most then which I’m guessing will always keep you wanting to push forward and find out whats next.

I’ve done everything on my own so I learn through research here and online as well as with trial and error. For about a week very recently I was getting closed eye visions in meditation and That would be very clear and then drift away as well as seeing through my closed eyes whats actually around me which is cool but hasnt been consistent. I always want more and it will come.

It’s cool you’ve got people to work with though that’s always a plus.

What is acting vision if you don’t mind me asking.? and do you have any tips on reaching your Godform I’m only asking because you progress so quickly. I know its mostlikly because of who you are from what you said but w.e you did might work for me as well.

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You can defintly try talking to it. Working on your divination abilities will assist. And then going from there. And that can take you places, even in your studies you’ll know when your reading the right material. It can be like a pull or a buzz, or just a good feeling.

And I meant like astral vision, being able to see into that world with your physical eyes. That I’m still working on. I’m working on right now converting spiritual into physical feelings. Like hearing and seeing. That’s where I’m at in my path.

Oh and another note. Working with demons will progress you very fast. I think was ea koetting who said it. That when you work with a demon they come from where they are to assist you. And when your working with an Angel’s they bring you up to where they are. And I think that holds alot of truth. I have strong ties to demonic magick so I progress quickly. But the learning curve is steep.

I have found moments where I’m like okay I have all this power and enegry. What should I do with it lol. Or like what’s the next thing to learn that’s going to push me further on my acension. I think other reason too is we have no restrictions. As a person I’m happier not haveing to follow something I use too. Like when I was Christian. And so many things were taboo or a sin. They taught your skin is sin. Your bascially telling me to hate my self. Like that religion is so suicidal. But now I belevie in balance.

I reconsize that happiness, birth, good times is much as apart of life as sadness, death, and bad times. But you work an angel thier power is limited and mind you they still serve the judaic/christian god. Which to me is a very toxic entitie. So I dont mess with them at all. My legiance is to the enternal empires and the eternal darkness. You dont have to do it like that I just choose too.

Just things to be mindful of.


thanks for the tips and yea I agree with you on balance. Yea I’ve personally never understood most religions. It’s all onesided and do this or you go to hell. if you don’t follow us you go to hell. Like many others have said its all fear based and Hippocratic

I think people are just so scared and dont know of another way so they just choose and blindly put everything into it and condemn everyone else. I could go on for a while but you already know lol. Everything is a sin!

Goodluck with everything hopefully I will reach my godform sooner than later (without dying first ofcourse)

I so far haven’t had any bad experience with any ot the demons I’ve connected with and dont think I will but I’m still new


To be honest, the curiosity to know my godform is burning. I see godforms more as the various currents that make you up, brought to their fullest, or to extremes

When I contemplate searching for it, I get a sense of foreboding and intuition says simmer down for a moment. Intuition hasn’t proven me wrong, so I’m going to wait on it. But we’ll see how much longer before curiosity gets the better of me

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