Godforms and passing through Death

Wanted to know what kind of Godforms you guys could meditate on. The standard one for sorcerers is “the Source”. Being an Eastern Christian, we worship the Triune godform. Essentially its a “Union of divine persons in which uncreated bliss flows through them and to all creation by grace thru faith”. Wanted to know what you guys would think if the Source was personal rather than impersonal.

And I wanted to start a discussion about death. It is obviously the biggest problem humanity has faced from nearly the beginning. I wanted to know what you guys thought about the death essence, which from my guides I’ve been told it corresponds with the gray, dark gray, silver aura or energy form.

Let me know what you guys think



Death isn’t a problem. It’s just a transformation from what type of thing to another. When water turns to ice, do you say the water died? No. It transformed. That’s what happens to us.


Agreed. I’m looking forward to it in one way or another because I am really curious about that transformation.

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Yeah I know, I just wanted to see what people would say about it. Maybe we can discuss some alchemy aspect of the death essence as it relates to creation. Or maybe construct some rituals that would help us pass through death into life immortal