Godform connection and opening chakras

Hey all,

I have no idea what to put this under so I’m putting it in general until corrected.

I’ve got a couple questions for everyone.

  1. How do you meet/connect to your godform?

And 2. I hear that opening your third eye chakra allows clearer astral (for lack of a better term) vision and opening your crown chakra allows for your godform to possess and connect with you easier, so I was wondering how I could go about doing this?

Thanks for the patience everyone.



I’ve been looking for the same answer myself :frowning:. Last night I did a meditation I basically yelled in my head for my guardian spirit to come to me. In my dream I saw a black beast that looked like a Minotaur but had a snout of a wolf.


Opening your chakras is relatively easy. There is plenty of information here on the forum, just do a search. Most people use the Bija mantras, as they are by far the easiest method. There is a great thread by ashkerr detailing mudras he used along with the mantras.

From my understanding, meditation is the easiest method to connect to your godform/Godself.


Thank you kindly

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The few times my higherself has made herself known to me given me a vision or information i always feel a sharp pain in my third eye and crown. I never get migranes and only sinus headaches at the change in seasons. So it usually signals a download of information or telling me im about to make a deadly or terrible mistake. Or she’s about to possess me.

However it doesnt go the other way. I can’t just call her and she shows up.i wouldnt learn anything if she just handed it all to me.She has a hands off policy pretty much.

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Godform= higher self.

Shamanic journey to the higher world.