Hello Everyone I’m Goddezz I’m New At This And I Ran Across this website by seeking financial help from Belial

Welcome @Goddezz Please tell us about yourself. This post doesn’t meet the requirement for a proper introduction because it doesn’t tell us anything about you.

Where do you come from?

Do you have any practical experience in magick at all?

If so, what have you practiced? Do you have experience in any specific traditions or systems of magick?

If not, what areas of magick are you interested in learning?


Im From Memphis TN. And I haven’t practiced anything that’s why I said I’m seeking Because Im new at this I don’t know what type I want to learn I’m only seeking knowledge right now I barely know what I’m doing Because I never even did an intro before

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Thank you for elucidating more, and welcome to the forum.

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Thank You

Welcome to the Forum this is a super awesome place so much information I recommend reading the rules page there’s a nice chunk of things were not allowed to do in general then some stuff were just not allowed to do for the first 3 months. But yea biggest thing to avoid irratating people is useing the search function. Also Darkest here is a super good resource stay on his good side and everything will be easy on your assention.

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