Goddesses of sex workers

Are there any goddesses Ascociated with sex workers.

Why would you want that just a thought ?

I got my reasons.

You a cop?

Not specifically but just like there are gods of love and sex they’re also over sex workers, just like there’s gods and goddesses of commerce and business they are also over them. Sex workers is still a job and deals with lust and commerce. Cernunnos is a god of lust as well as commerce. Same as Ishtar as a goddess of lust, Lakshmi is goddess of commerce and love/lust. So maybe focus on goddesses of commerce/business as well as love/lust.

Because sex workers specifically no, but as a business and making money off yes.


Probably just need asmodeus tbh


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Acually scratch that there is two I’ve found.

An Aztec Goddess Xochiquetzal, goddess of sexual power, patroness of prostitutes and artisans involved in the manufacture of luxury items.

There’s also the Chinese God of prostitution and brothels Baimei Shen


Actually calling on Lilith, Naamah, Agrat Bat Mahlat and Eishteth Zenunim would be perfect. They are known as the four angels of prostitution, during ancient times prostitution was considered sacred. Thats exactly how these sisters view that walk of life and profession, so rather than calling on beings of simple lust and love.

These would be a better choice as they are associated with all the aspects of love, lust, freedom, liberation and sacred prostitution.


Jesús Malverde? Wasn’t that guy a folk hero?

Wait, that could actually work.


Maria padilla venezuela godess of love, and a Egyptian godes of fertility, not sure osiris or something similar but maria padilla is a sex workees pTron

Yes, Inanna/Ishtar is associated with sacred prostitution. There is also some speculation that the Biblical Whore of Babylon is a reference to this Goddess. Her later incarnations as Astarte/Aphrodite are often also associated with prostitution. Then there are actually some Christian saints that prostitutes pray to, and if rumours are to be believed, Jesus Christ married a woman who used to be one.


Not necessarily a Goddess but Queen Agrat-Bat-Mahlat is the Queen of Whores and then along with the other three angels (or demons) as well who rule over other aspects of prostitution. :slight_smile:



Lilith. Lilith. That was practically all she told me for like a week after meeting her. It was just “I am a guardian of prostitutes” all day.


Well, in a sense prostitution is a sexual reclamation of the over-objectification of women so this makes a lot of sense! I love Lady Lilith. :smiley:

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sacred prostitution has been around even before the mention of Lilith, both men and women in various cultures practiced it, though very few deities stood for it as in India it was a means of being close to all the Gods, now people only link it to demons like Lilith and her sisters.


She is truly unique, Lilith is the one and only.

Sure velanos that is true but I dont think it invalidates our Lady Lilith’s rule. Her well of knowledge has been dug deep.

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Yup! I believe the Canaanites used to do fertility rituals in honor of Astarte (could also be Ishtar, it’s been a while lol) and Ba’al, but certainly not limited to them. Unfortunately sex has been so heavily demonized, and even though we have progressed as a society where it is more accepted sacred prostitution certainly is not, even in the magick community.

Curious though, what deities especially did not stand for it?

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Not that they didn’t stand for it but rather they were not really given recognition within it, in Hebrew many men were also part of sacred prostitutions.

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Oh yes, that makes sense! I interpreted it as you meaning certain deities went against it lol my bad.

I think throughout tons of religions especially ones that incorporated some kind of magick heavily utilized sex workings. Even if not utilizing them from the research I’ve done pretty much everyone was open to them. Pretty sure it was around the rise of Christianity that sex was demonized, though there are many cultures as well that weren’t entirely open to it. :smiley:

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No :joy:im not

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