Goddess Parvati or Goddess Durga?

Recently I have been praying to Goddess Kali but since then, things have been intense. I’ve decided to leave for a while and come back when I’m mentally stronger or at least have got some Guidance from one of her Priestesses in my area (I do plan on going on a LONG break from Spirituality after this).

I do appreciate everything she’s done for me❤️ she is beautiful but I’ve decided that her energy isn’t really gonna be beneficial for me at the moment (I was talking about her today and literally felt the energy shoot into my Crown Chakra). In that case would it be better for me to honor her aspect of Durga or Parvati?

I feel that these forms are what I need in my Life right now. Peace and strength.

Also if many of you don’t mind, how did she test you? Also would she be upset if I backed down for now (but honored another aspect of hers)?


I’m not an expert in Hinduism, but judging from your other posts I would vote for Parvati. That aspect of her is much more calmer with a motherly energy, while Durga is calmer than Kali yet still is a warrior Goddess.


Sure I will reach out to this aslect of her!

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Durga if u want power and victory over enemy. U can work with parvati as there are very few ( almost non ) who work with her. So it will be easier to get her attention.

I don’t know how you are approaching your endeavor into Hinduism but know that THE MOST VITAL THING IN IT IS CHOOSING THE RIGHT TRADITION. In one tradition/school/sub-set it will take few years of daily worship, if not decade to get her permanent companionship, in other tradition 9 or 15 days.

So out of countless out there U have to choose the right one. And to find it U have to spend time and use discretion. Sadly unlike the Tibetan Tradition Hinduism isn’t currently properly structured and organized.

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It seems the branches barely exist here. Though I was advised to practice Tantra by somebody.