Goddess Kali

hi i would like to know if its a good idea to have a relationship with Goddess Kali, im saying this because im a very shy and soft person and im in some kind of trouble with a trickster spirit that has followed me for half of my life, i noticed in this month and i want Goddess Kali to help me against the trickster spirit, he can make the voice of whatever he wants, he can speak as a lady, as a demon as a harcore macho as an old man but
i want to know if talking to goddess kali is a good idea or who can help me to get rid of this spirit that is trying punish me, i already told him what you want and he has no response for that

i know he has been following me for a long time because i used to get some kind of electric shocks in my legs and i also had the sensation of someone grabbing my pennis this when i was around 15 years old and in that moment i knew that something weird was happening and that happens now but in my arms and sometimes in my pennis aswell
so what i do?
im not a magician and i really dont want to get to much into magick because i really dont have the balls
this fucker doesnt want me to be happy…he visits me almost every 15 days
what i do? is Goddess Kali a good option?


Yes, Kali would be a good option. In her mythology she destroyed demons so she would be a good fit.


Kali is a good fit for your is issue.

(take care this is extremely loud)

here you have a powerful, energized chant to use right away.

Just be aware, from what you described about this entity it sound’s not just like a trickster, more like a teacher, so it could have actually been called into your life by your own.
If that’s the case, taking action to remove him will also prevent the outcomes you asked for, in which he was working towards your aid.




thanks, and i never called him, however he told me “You summoned me lonng ago”, i didnt ask him, if on this life, or another life.
about the chant how to use it? should i say “Jai Kali Maai” only?
should i do it right now or when the spirit visits me?

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Hey! Just wanted to chime in here. I’ve worked with Kali for a long time.

Most people seem to have a lot of success while meditating to this mantra.

Meditate on her and repeat the mantra as you let the changing sink into your ears. It’s best to do this in a dark room because Kali also represents the void of time and that falls under her control.

You’ll feel her presence when she’s there. You’ll KNOW.

Communicate with her about your fears and what you need taken care of and let her know how important it is to you. Thank her in advance for your help and let it go.

You’ll find that she works very fast


I’m not an experienced mage, but I think it could be an astral parasite that have latched on you, but it could be a teacher as @Yberion said but I don’t know why would he not respond when you asked him what he wanted. BTW it’s not good to think that it’s trying to ‘punish’ you, because if you think that there’s a spirit out there that’s trying to punish or harm you then it could actually manifest in the real world.

You can definitely ask Goddess Kali for her help and intervention.
Here’s Kali Kavacham (Kavacham or Kavacha means shield), you can chant it or just listen to it:

I personally don’t believe in religious stuff, but in Hinduism, the primary deity that is to be worshiped before any kind of ritual or prayer is Ganesh, so just start your prayers or rituals by chanting ‘Om Shree Ganeshaaya Namaah’ or just simple ‘Jai Shree Ganesh’ (which means Hail Ganesh), and don’t forget Kali’s consort Lord Bhairav (but if you’re doing the ritual in home then pray to his child-form, ‘Batuk Bhairav’ only, not ‘Kaal Bhairav’ because the real place to worship or call him are cremation grounds, not home), just chant His any simple mantra or ‘Jai Shree Batuk Bhairav’ (means Hail Batuk Bhairav). Goddess Kali is said to be pleased more easily when you first please Lord Bhairav. I would suggest you to ask both Batuk Bhairav and Goddess MahaKali for help. Also pray to her MahaKali form only (the one in which she has ten heads, ten arms and ten legs), if you’re doing the ritual in home, not in cremation grounds.
My intention is just to give you some advice, not to impose any religious views on you.
One more useful video - Kali Sahasranama Stotram (1008 Names of Kali Maa)

If you have any questions or would just like some mantas or videos recommendations then feel free to PM me :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks for much appreciated help

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Most welcome!

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The kali kavach is better… It doesn’t you need to find a guru… For mantras a guru is necessary… Especially kali… I’ve said somewhere she is related to crown chakra… The surge of kundalini shakti while praying to her can cause a really bad problem. You could also use " Narasimha kavach". In fact I would recommend that only

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Ganesha is related to mooladhara chakra, the first chakra.( he is the first protector of parvati, the metaphor for kundalini shakti) Thats why he’s prayed to first. Its more like a grounding ritual to be exact.

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From what you say I’m positively sure your “trickster” is a thoughtform or a personal egregore, especially if you’re not a magician (yet). I had two of them and both experiences where really fucked up, the first one relentlessly chased me for 9 years. A third starts to take breath at the moment but it’s going very well because I fully accept and welcome her.

Did you have trauma(s) in your life ? Like heavy trauma(s), something that changed your life and at some point made you question who/how you should be, like you had a choice to make between two or more ways, you had to repress some aspect(s) of yourself to survive or just because it was too contradictory with who your conscient self wanted to be/permited to be ? Do you feel to have repressed / supressed memories or parts of yourself ? Have you ever feel murdered in your soul ?
This is not a quiz lol it’s just to give an idea and see if it rings a bell to you.

And yes yes definitely Kali, I used several mantras for a little hour invocation, it was just to connect with her I didn’t even expect anything, and since the day right after I started to see heavy adjustments and change in myself.
Just chant her mantras you’ll benefit the influence, it can’t go wrong.
And feel safe she’s a devourer of demons and a bringer of truth, and she makes fall the blockages and illusions. She’s scary but very benevolent. Your thoughtform is a breakfast to her if you really want it to be taken care of.
Or I’ll suggest some things to do with it, I never destroyed my egregores I always end up to working with them and everytime it is beneficial as f*ck.


well i didnt want to get to much into details the story is long but ill try to give you the most important story…

about me: my childhood was complicated you know the drunk father and the submisive mother lol but i accept it because honestly there is nothing else that i can do… and yes i got bullied heavely in all of my years of school for being weird and ugly even my mother told me someday why are you so ugly… i dont give a fuck…

when i was around 15 i had the feeling of someone trying to play with my pennis and i also got the electric shocks in my legs and was annoying trying to get sleep and that sensations i also felt someone touching my face but i had no explanations for that.

i heared the voice of the trickster for the first time when i had the age probably 22 and i had a sleep paralysis when i heared his voice for the first time, he told me that he was satan with a creepy voice, lol,
“im here to kill you” i never heard of him till years later…

years later…

my life was going perfect for me. about demons and magick and all that, was bullshit to me in the 2017 ok
i felt i got everything in my life and everyting was decent, but however i was single and some days from september, whenever i thought of woman from my past in my sight i was watching somekind of light passing by, somekind of signal, this happened for 3 days at 4 day a voice next to me told me: “#$%& needs you”
so i though, that woman from my past, needs me… i called her and told her about. she told me
“gtfo or ill do something to get you apart from my life”
she went extremly rude with me, (we had a little fight months back), so i entered in a couple of facebook pages about ghosts and paranormal stuff and i managed to call to lilith because i hear some random idiot, that he read a “grimoire” of a demon called lilith and he saw her and he said that she was beautiful so i decided to saw her so i started to invocate lilith i started in middle of september and finished around 3-6 january.

i told to liilth that i was happy only with her presence but she abandoned me for 10 days (yes i counted the days) i decided to give up, so she went atomic rage with me when i told her that i would never worship her again in my life so i called to naamah, and asked to naamah to get posessed and it happen partially, i could talk with her in this way (telepathically) and well lilith was or whatever the fuck it was…
was haunting me and i could not sleep in days because i had a raging demon in my ears screaming whenever i fall sleep, however i talked with lilith months later she told me that she pinned on me to be “punished” i cant really remember the words she told me sorry

when i finished with naamah was when she tried to have sex with me and i told her leave me alone and she accept it, naamah (im guessing was lilith saying she was naamah just to know how i feel about her) or a random demon was hostile to me, when we started to chat probably becuase i told her im done you can leave or because i told her get me rid of lilith however she told me:
“dont even think to tell me that i can go, want to see how powerful i am, want to see?” and she demostrated me her power, i was moving my ass on a chair those who you can move back and on and she stopped the movement and she or it did something in my head or chackras because i started to hear other voices in the next days aswell,
when i finished with them in the next days the trickster appeared and he visits me often, he demostrated me that he can make the voice of whatever he wants to…

about the trickster or whatever the fuck he is:
he can read my mind and my mental images
he can browse through my experiences and knowledge
he can change my taste of food
he can touch me
he can send me those electric shocks
he can talk to me through telepathy
he can change what i smell
he can change his voice to whatever he wants to

i know the power of the mind so i dont know if its a egregore a thoughtform, an astral parasite or
whatever the fuck…

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First thing I want to mention is that NOT every entity are gods or bigass entities like we invoke (or try to).
I witnessed many times with myself and magicians / people around me being tricked by a spirit, whatever its nature.
Sometimes they don’t intentionnally trick you but they don’t explicitely present themselves so you have a manifestation with no clue of who it is so you assume it’s a spirit or another depending on the context, and you can be wrong.

Second thing is, your kind of past and environment attracts nasty stuff. Larvaes, just random nasty spirits, or thoughtforms from a sick personality around, etc… And gross stuff attracts more gross stuff. Been there. You may have some stuff with you from your previous environment and parents that growed and remained attached to you.
This is also something to take in consideration in my opinion. You should do a big clean and purification just to clean up the accumulated mess and try to start anew energetically speaking.

If you performed seriously the rituals for Lilith & Namaah there is no reason they didn’t come, BUT you always have to keep in mind my first point : for any kind of incovation/evocation something else can enjoy the door you open and trick you this way, it takes psychic skills to detect the “masks” everytime and it takes a let go of your expectations. Especially since this whole Koetting current discourages from using circles etc… Circles/manifestation triangles are not necessarily some white wiccan witch bullshit, it is a way to concentrate the energy in a determined area and consecrate it for nothing else than this purpose. It helps with these risks of tricks or big energetic mess all around.

You obviously did mistakes that could have make things turn really really bad as you know ^^. Lilith is a wild brutal spirit especially towards men don’t ever treat her (or any female spirit for that matter) like your girlfriend don’t ever patronize her this is the worst you can do.
10 days is nothing, this is a mistake too. Don’t wait on gods and don’t blame them they abandon you, they are not here to babysit or fill a gap in your life. Be patient, don’t try to give them orders, this is a terrible attitude to have towards gods you’re gonna get in serious trouble if you behave like that.
I enjoy this forum and most of the members but this “yeah evocations are cool just put your hands at work you don’t know anything nevermind start to call dark gods it’s gonna be great” is something I deplore, there is so much more in the occult to discover and learn you don’t have to jump into evocations of such spirits right away like there was nothing else to do in the occult. Evocations take time and preparation and work on oneself, this is not a matter of evil this is a matter of primal energies and brutal ones, this is just a fact, a mistake can cost a lot and whoever denies this power is a fool, or 13 years old, or never actually faced a god. This is not for everyone at anytime.
Anyway… nevermind you’re not gonna die or get your life destroyed but take stuff slower and leave Lilith & Namaah alone for the moment ^^. Don’t call on them again until you’ve changed and you can considerate this experience like past, Lilith is fucking pissed calling her again would be asking for great trouble. Let things cool off ^^.
(Sorry I’m not trying to sound harsh or anything I just give my opinions and try to advise, I fully support you and just trying to help and give you the keys I can ! My tone is just honest and compassionate I promise lol).

Now to get back at your trickster. Well I stand on my position that I think it is a spirit you created.
This is not a matter of “accepting” your past or not, this is something unconscious. This is all the attention you ever had to give and the emotions and the thoughts to one … hmmm to one “box” if I may say. The conscious and the unconscious ones.
About all you say he can do, any spirit can do that (read your mind etc) BUT if it’s a personal egregore, he’ll know you better than yourself, he’ll know exactly where to push and so on, he’ll be your perfect evil nightmare, he’s gonna mirror the worst about your mind you can’t even recognise that this is your own ( just one example of the last visions I had with my second one : it showed me visions of corpses dead from diseases, decomposed, & raped children dead corpses, hundreds of it with sick details like broken tooth or necroses or genital injuries, made me feel lost in a whole world of these corpses, drowning in them, walking on them, crunching their bones etc…).

The manifestations like touching you an be constantly with you and can strongly manifest whenever it wants depends on the strength of the link you have with him. And nothing is more linked to you than a personal egregore. And it wants to torture you. And they are a hell to banish :’)

And yes you’re right, don’t ever doubt the power of the mind especially trauma and heavy emotions.
I started to work with my first egregore like she’s a real “demon”, with a full ritual of invocation, offerings etc… because she demonstrated a huge power and possessed me a few times and my experience with her makes me thing that she is not less than a demon you evoke / invoke.

So I would suggest to try another approach with your trickster, I know it’s hard and these things are fucking nasty but try to see it as a part of yourself, don’t fear it, try to understand it. This is what I do for each of mine.
Or just start the work with Kali directly she’ll give you whatever you need to fix this, or maybe will destroy it if it has no place around you. She’s a good call really ^^.


The first thing you should do is to make sure what the heck that entity actually is, ask mages that work with Lilith and/or Naamah to talk with them and conform whether it’s anyone or both of them that are hurting you (personally or by sending some demons to harm you) And just what @Ethera said, don’t try evoke them because if it’s them that are hurting you then you could get in huge trouble.

You can also ask for power scans on the forum, right after when that entity harms you or just communicate with you, that can help a lot in recognizing what that entity actually is.

You can also do some banishing rituals daily, and this banishing ritual by E.A. could be very very useful:

The advise that @Ethera has given you is pretty good.

Wishing you all the best in dealing with that entity!


thanks i agree with you on all. and i dont have plans in my life to call them again, i talked with naamah and she told me that dont call her again, im not sure if was really her… and namah the entity never mentions her, when i spoked with lilith in the past i honestly treat her like shit…! i would post the dialogues but believe everyone would hate me…

and yeah i knew that i wasnt prepare for these energies but i was mad at the voice that told me “needs you” i felt used and stupid…

the entity that visits me talks about Lilith a lot, could be lilith sending one of his sons to me?.. the entity told me “you are only giving me more work” he also ask me, what do you fear? lol… i told him
“to my own ignorance” and he then told me “you only think what you know…” me: obviouslyyy

about Kali… what if Kali destroy me? what if im the bad guy and i got whipped? lol i was thinking this when the memebers posted videos about Kali… so i have fear to call her…

@TheGreyGuy thanks, Lilith told me that she is an angel also in another time told me “we dont have meet someone higher than us” so im gonna read about lilith and im gonna ask around for a scan… thanks

If you have any fear (even a little doubt) that Goddess Kali will harm you for something then don’t call her.
You handled those previous spirits quite badly and if you did that to Goddess Kali then you can experience living hell on Earth, and trust me, Goddess Kali is known for “testing” her devotes and her tests are not easy (she could even make you think that she wants to hurt you now or she was the one that was hurting you all this time) and if you disrespect Her then the results can be horrible. I’m not trying to scare you.

I would advise you to first identify who the heck that entity actually is, and ask Goddess Kali for her help only if you’re 100% ready. BTW do you feel a connection towards Goddess Kali?

You can also ask Archangel Michael for help, and any entity that you’ve successfully worked with in the past can give you guidance on what you should do. I personally think you should evoke Archangel Michael, He is very powerful and perfect for this. And do lots of cleansing and banishing rituals.

And I also wanna remind you that many people says that Goddess Kali is a mask/form of Lilith and vise-versa. I don’t know if it’s right or not, but keep that in your mind.

Best of luck!


yea i thought this aswell what if the situation goes insane because of that… thanks ^^

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btw she never was my girlfriend… just saying…!

Om krim kalikayai namaha
Om Sri mahakalikayai namaha
Om klim kalikayai namaha

Vibrate the mantra 3+ times. You’ll notice a shift in your atmosphere, means she is there and listening. I generally use that mantra when I’m lacking in energy, or resolve. My understanding of Kali is that she can help with anything, though the how of how she helps is up to her


thanks man