hey guys what are your views on god/goddess or whatever you want to call it
i mean
do you believe in it? its a crazy demiurge white man? the universe? something that doesn’t care about the “creation”? yourself?
and how this influence your path in magick?


Everything is sound, or vibrations. Gods, angels, demons, etc are archetypes and concepts embodied. They are certain vibrations of thoughts given consciousness, or perhaps always had it. The gods were always there, waiting to be seen. Across our culture the human species carries with it a set of reoccurring archetypes that come naturally to them. This information is passed on or discovered within the person without any outside influence. These archetypes or gods are a part of us. Concerning the universe… I believe consciousness was everything, it was all encompassing. In order for this god or all consciousness to gain more understanding it had to fragment. This fragmentation separated us from the immediate perception of being “all”. How I incorporate this into my magick? I would prefer not to post that here but if you still care you can pm me any questions.


I don’t know if I would say I wholeheartedly believe, but some schools of Gnosticism resonate with me most in explaining it…that the Demiurge god created this physical world and the Biology that envelops and blocks us off from the rest of existence, and basically causes every one of our problems and cultural concepts of evil (nerve-endings and pain, hunger, poverty, hoarding, the greed for resources and status that biological urge planted in us, etc.) He is the wrathful and petty Old Testament god, and he loops us forever in order to bask in the worship he gets from those he’s fooled. Sure, he made some beautiful things too, most of it corresponding to something else outside his creation, but he could not be trusted as being someone with any of my interests in mind.

Gnostics also often speak of the god who is in secret. This, I feel, could be The Void where all of these beings, entities, God’s, overlapping dimensions of existence, and demons emanate; Mother to all of us, the womb-like Void that is kind of a secret kept from people who don’t seek it out. It’s the womb of every Mother Goddess, the blissful nonexistence of Nirvana, the ego-death, the terrifying nothingness experienced by some NDE-ers who fear death and aren’t ready to go, etc.

I don’t know really, but this sounds pretty good to me.


My personal model of reality & “god” is explained in a book called The Kybalion which is freely available online, because it’s out of copyright. :smiley:

I found that book after doing magick for many years and it fitted with everythiong I’d seen & experienced, and contradicted nothing, and it’s not a dogmatic text, mostly an attempt to give a manual for metaphysics.


i think the demiurge is too much a
christian-centralized thought, yahweh seems to be just an old deity from a tribe and about these concepts of evil, its just something that a man or some factors of the nature itself
but i can be wrong and yahweh is just another face of the demiurge just like a zeus or something

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i’ll search for the book :slight_smile:

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By that title, I agree, because Christian mystics came up with it…but I would think that the Demiurge is the same entity as the Buddhist Mara if they both exist. They are similar.

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