God YHWH sometimes doesn’t give answers

I’ve found a hebrew letter version that comes from God. I evoked him but sometimes he doesn’t give an answer to my questions. Why is that?

Whereas Raziel for example gives all the answers to my quesrions.

The book archangels of magic consists sigils that are written on hebrew. So I thought I might as well find a hebrew name for God YHWH.

There’s a few theories some have to why Yahweh doesn’t answer (atleast those who don’t end up getting the parasite egregore) but either way no one knows 100% as but it’s possibly just like any other entity, some answer some don’t, they do get busy or they simply choose to not associate with some people.


Hi, it may be because he already has saints, angels and archangels for practically any question/help we need. In Latin america they are considered his
intercessors :slight_smile:

I noticed that he also may put you through situations that will make you grow and answer the question yourself. Or guide you somehow to find resources/people to answer those questions lol

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