God(s) and angel working for us?


I have read that many people worked with (not) fallen angels. AKA archangel Micheal and so on.

But they are willing to work for humans? even when its not about “the light”?
Is it because we are humans(gods cause we ate the “fruit” so they must listen to us?

i thought they (the archangels) only work for the light beings and such?
can someone explain this to me please?


So called Garden of Eden was a prison.


Angels will work for anyone who calls upon them, the same as demons.

They are powerful warriors, and are not overly concerned with “light” or “dark,” only with the elevation of humanity.

You can call an angel to accomplish anything you would call a demon for. They just go about the job differently. Angels work from the top down, manipulating cosmic and Divine energies, whereas demons tend to work from the bottom up, utilising more earthy and physical energies.

Yes, we are the embodiment of the Eternal Source, and angels will work for us just as demons do.


This is amazing info. Can you point me to more resources to learn about this? I’ve had good success with demons and I want to try out angels now.

If you have the time can you give examples of how the two different “species” of entities work for the same request? I’d be much obliged. Thanks in advance


In my personal experience Archangel Michael is very welcoming and did not mind if I worked with demons