God protected me from Satan

This seems really odd to me. I supposse it is possible that spirits treat people differently. Maybe they can be kind of mean if they are just trying to help someone. I can only speak about my experiences with Satan and God (both really similar). They were never mean to me in any way I can remember. They would never care about me not wanting to work with spirits. They supported me in wanting to be independent, and I believe this is best, because spirits are probably really busy, and it would be better for ourselves to be able to help ourselves.

Are you sure this wasn’t a parasite or something. Again, I totally don’t want to make assumptions, because it could be Lucifer, but it’s just that great beings like god and satan never treated me like this.

Again, only evil spirits have ever treated me like this. Evil spirits have called me disgusting before. Again, I cannot make assumptions, because it is possible that Lucifer is just trying to help you.

He didn’t care that I didn’t want to work with him but he went out of his way to introduce me to Jesus because I asked him earlier that day (in a bit of a nonchalant way) “how would you feel if I ever decided to work with Jesus?”. It would be like if I knew a celebrity and I went out of my way to introduce you to that celebrity and you just dismissed the person I went out of my way to introduce you to. It would be kind of a dick move.

So we’ve basically made an arrangement. During most of the day, when he’s teaching me, he can be a lot like a drill sergeant because I’m a super hard headed and stubborn person. I’ve always been rebellious. I’ve never listened to anyone, not even my own parents, so this seems to be the only approach that works. I think my rebellious nature is actually what made him want to reach out to me in the first place since he’s a rebel as well. Also, he’s not always “mean”, he’s actually super nice and loving a lot of the time.

I used to be a hoarder and he helped me learn to throw things away. My house is actually starting to look normal after years of it looking like complete crap because of the advice he’s been giving me and whenever I do a good job he always tells me and says he’s proud of me and at the end of the day when my “training” is over for the day his personality seems to do a complete 180 and he’s a complete angel. Lucifer has at least a couple of different aspects. His “darker”/demonic side is a bit more prideful, willful, and determined. That’s his “meaner” side (although I actually don’t consider it mean, just more like a disciplinarian).
His angelic side is like the purest love I’ve ever been in the presence in.

Yeah, see above. That’s his dark aspect but his dark aspect has actually probably done the most to change my life for the better in terms of my overall living conditions. His Angelic side has healed me emotionally. I think I’d be a wreck without his demonic aspect and I’d also be a wreck without his Angelic aspect. I wouldn’t give up either one for the world.

Edit* Also I know it’s Lucifer because I finally invoked him a few days ago and the invocation was a complete success. He was also the one that told me to do these rites.

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Are you working with the one Lucifer or is it someone who fills in for Lucifer?
Can he really be in multiple places at once working with several people?

Can he be in infinite places? If so, would this make him more of like an idea or super computer or something? I am not trying to take away the spiritual aspect of him or anything. I just want to see how this all fits into our reality and possibly the spiritual realm as well.

One past suffering is no excuse for poor behavior against another you interact with. =o)


I was instantly transported to the movie Lo.

For those of you haven’t seen it, I think ya’ll would enjoy it.

^I second this assertion, I gave Belial an offering of steak and Bulleit whiskey once and he bypassed the steak and went directly for the whiskey. Said the steak was a nice touch but not what he was craving at that point.

I have just moved a bunch of posts from Complaining demon? to here.

This is a formal warning:

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roulettekid you should really take a break from the forum, just my advice, friendly advice, no ill intent


I was just talking about the same stuff everyone else was talking about in that thread

2.2 thousand views later of this thread and only a couple of people have learned anything.

You can’t put a number on success. If I helped only one person to construct one new idea, doesn’t that still count for something?

Also, I don’t have to prove anything to the haters. I have encouraged people from the beginning to learn for themselves>to use their own brains. balg does support this, right?

Don’t go on talking about religion, politics, or the occult like you actually know what you’re talking about when you look at the big picture.

Actually, there are probably many smart people here who just haven’t said anything. Why would they when you get threatened with hexes and such.

@Lady_Eva I don’t even mind getting threatened with hexes, it serves a purpose


bro, listen I dont understand, what are we supposed to learn exactly?

youre coming off a bit arrogant with this statement


Thoughts, ideas, freedom of mind, soul, and body.
These are things that balg actually helped me with.
It is so strange thinking right now that balg actually served a great purpose in my life.

It can only serve a great purpose if one can distinguish the typical bs from what’s real. But I am not just picking on balg; this applies to a lot of things (maybe even almost everything)

Individuals can learn that from anything anywhere. This is the most argumentive blog I’ve read in a while. Is it a blog? Do I have a BALG blog?

Practice in your belief is a fine exercise. Its an individual’s path not others. Your experiences are your own. Blog them if you must. Reflect upon them. There are sites that are much better suited for blogging. Who am I to talk? I use discord to blog and iphone notes.

Not much I can say as these are your experiences.

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Muted & ignored…this is really getting annoying.


Hello all… i would just like to post a part from the (public) introduction of @roulettekid here.
I was curious to see where does he hail from and his experience in magick etc
And i think I found the reason why nobody can communicate with him and understand him.
Kind regards to everyone!


And that’s why I want him to stop preaching, so he can stay on this forum. :relieved:



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I got angry in the heat of the moment but it won’t happen again.

I was thinking… occult and religion are the same thing but opposites, like north and south are both opposite directions. One could have even spawned from the other.

It’s kind of funny that hexes are taken seriously on here, whereas other places it would be embarrasing ~ people would even laugh at you.

I know enough that they can be serious, just saying.

I don’t mind if you lift the hex ban and everyone here hexes @roulettekid to teach @roulettekid a lesson or two :bulb: