God of lust

Whose God of lust i will call and what invocation. I really need your help i want to come him

You should ask for help from Sallos🔥

Do you know how to summon sallos?

Of course I am his worshipper☺️

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Pls teach me
i dont know everything

What for?


Of course yes

Love i mean

There are hundreds of lust gods. Just take your pick. Lilith, Asmodeus, Dantalion, Sitri, Sallos, Zepar, Namaah, Freyja, Frey, Erzulie Freda, Erzulie Danto, Astarte or Astaroth, Inanna, Aphrodite, Beleth, Furfur, Rati, Parvati, Vual, Kuni, Jiutian Xuannu, Yue-Lao, Hathor, Bastet, Baron Samedi, Oshun, Pomba Gira, La Siren, Santisma Muerte (red robe), Qalmana, and many many more.


Does he deserve you?

Lol seriously ? :rofl:

Of course yes. Yes i really bad need those Gods

Those gods who is the among best?

Sitri likes playing games with you.Asmoday is also tricky.But Sallos is the best one.Fast and Trustworthy.

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You might want to build a relationship with one first @Tamtim

How can i invoke sallos?


@Black_sensei In your experience. Everyone gets along with different spirits. Asmodeus is one of my most trustworthy demon friends and Sallos hasn’t done much. I don’t hold it against Him though. I just don’t think our energies are all that compatible. People experience spirits differently.


Big bro how can i help that God?