God names


Can someone explain to me what God names are and what they’re used for? Why would one use them?


There is many Different God with many different Name, but i presume your talking about the Hebraic God,

If so this God have many Name, some of the Most used in Occultism are :
YHVH : Yod He Vav He is Described in the Book of Franz Bardon as a representation of the Four Element in Action , Creation, Equlibrium etc…

My Personal Experience with that God Name is similar to Franz Bardon, vibrating this Godname balance the Element Within and Outside of yourself and will most Probably make your Ritual area Neutral,(Similar to a Banishing)

Adonai(Meaning Lord) : This God name give me the Feeling of sovereignty, of Power and Self-Trust when i vibrated it.

El Shaddai(Often translated as God Almighty) : is a Potent name to vibrate to enter the state of ‘‘Omnipotence’’ When you want Power and control you can Vibrate that name .

There is of Course many Other name of this God.

These name are believed to represent Current of Energy and Power, these name have specific Qualities and attributes of themselves, this is the reason a Black Magician with no Link with the Hebraic Paradigm can still use them succesfully,

An Important things to remember when you vibrate those name is to KNOW that these are YOUR name of power, not the name of an Exterior Deity, You have to remember that you are Adonai, El Shaddai and YHVH.

Of Course this is my Personal Experience and Interpretation only.

Best Regards!


From what i understand god names are the signs of protective spirits that you can put around a circle as a kind of threat to any spirit who would cross the circle. Like saying, if you cross this line these spirits will attack you.
I’d advise against using them, it’s a fairly rude practice. It’s the difference between agreeing to work with someone and kidnapping them and threatening to kill them if they don’t do what you say.


I was thinking that God names are vibrational words that force the spirit to be bound to you under your absolute command.!like when Lilith spoke of God in Hebrew words.


You really have to change your perception of Spirit and the way to Work with them, Magician dont bound spirit, they dont constraint them when working with them, We Work with them in a Friendly way, like Work Partner,
I hope your not Evoking Spirit with that Mindset, because it will cause you more Problem then anything else.


You do not want to piss off the wrong spirit with that mindset.


Yea no fucking shit. I never approached any spirit that way. I just wanted to understand God names. That’s all. Plus I was thinking more on the lines of self defense as a tool for constraining a wrathful spirit if it was attacking you to not attack you.


I’ve never used them, I mean when I say “never” I mean from around age 8 or so to in my late 20’s when I started finding things like New Avatar Power that bring that stuff in from western ceremonial trads., and after trying them out I decided it wasn’t for me.

Then again I didn’t work with demons (as such) until recently, and also, I did learn to invoke and embody Love (universal love and light) when I learned to heal, and a pedant could argue that’s the same thing, just without the Hebrew book learnin’! :smiley:

(I do have my own godname but that’s not something I feel like going into in this post, search my previous ramblings if you want to see what I wrote.)

Either way, you can kick ass when needed with just Love (I find it settles between my Heart and Solar Plexus chakras - representing love, and will, respectively) but your heavy hitters like Belial, Azazel, and my lovely Lady Buné, who are all listed as “demons” in the various texts, these beings are godlike as far as I’m concerned in their power and wisdom, in all but name, so it’s not like dealing with the astral trash, or vermin, or parasitic entities healers encounter which really do NEED astral chlorox to clean them out, and no concern for their dignity or whatever.

Sometimes healers meet more powerful and self-aware beings who are nonetheless being a problem and need to be sent back to their rightful plane, these beings deserve more respect and they can be handled using the love & light stuff more as a shield than as disinfectant.


I think they are keys to specific powers-currents and you can use them for personal empowerment,just like mantras and every other name or word.

YHVH brings an essence of purity and harmony and it was really enjoyable.I wanted to stay for hours in that state,doing nothing at all.

Shadai El Chai gave me a burst of power in my stomach.(svadisthana chakra)

El Elyon was very powerful and i felt the effect in my solar plexus area.

In my opinion these forces exists both outside and inside us,(As above so below) and when you activate them you do it on the microcosm (human body).


I will dig out the topic.
Have someone use only god name in magical practice? Like chanting or vibrating one of sefirotic god names? I am curious what was your experience?


very positive.

It s a practice in Kabbalah and Arabic magick ( Birhatiya) .

Think them like mantras. It unites sound, body, and mind in a deeply philosophical experience


Hmm i had a strange experience with one- yhvh tzabaoth- after meditation i usually go to sleep and receive dreams. And after this name my dream looked like porn :rofl: i can imagine that this have relation to sefira Netzach which this name belong to.


Try different names… For example, Shaddai , for protection El Da-ot for all knowing, El Mis-tah-ter the one who hides. In the Bible we have only Lord or God but in the old testament there are many different names based on the characters.

Similar different names may be seen in Islam,Baal Kadmon has a book for Islamic God names too.

These from Birhatiya- to initiate love/lust with people or entities. But do some protection before you chant them.

Also masgel mas / like - “has”; but begins with “m”; and you add “gel”; to the end .

basgel - bas / like - “has”; but begins with “b”; and you add “gel”; to the end

There are numbers for chanting those names based on gematria sometimes however; this is not a must. Probably that chanting of names originates from Mantras

Like all Mantras, they work with or without faith; this is because, we either initiate our SC to align with those vibrations; we tame it in a way, or we simply call and attain to the energies that people loaded/invested to those words for millennials; so even in the absence of the "holiness" hidden to them, they will still be very effective and if one believes their holiness probably may get more. But both ways are fine.


I never was interested in arabic magic or misticism, what protection you mean before practicing Birhatiya? Also, do names attract external changes, or only internal?


Any kind of protection ritual that you are familiar with that can be LBRP or you may use the opening ritual of Hargrove in the Practical Jinn magick if you have the book.

Also if you like the effects of mantras, there are other specific protetction rituals designed for Birhatiya that I may share but these two above or GWinterfield opening ritual too will do fine.
Basically calling the Archangels and asking their help during ritual is generally enough. IMHO that activities are good for banishing any unwanted energies and make the area clean in a magickal sense so that you can connect that the energy that you are calling, in its purest form.


I thought there were some dedicated protection rituals for Birhatiya magic. LBRP i do before any magical practice. And what about external effects of chanting god names?


You know as a magician that surroundings and life can be mastered and programmed by our speech and words.

Those names are Scalar energy based sounds which resonate in the Zero Point Field Aakashik hyperspace. So every conscious mind being an integral part of the Cosmic Mind, becomes vulnerable and sensitive to these cosmic vibrations This is like senidng out massive broadcasting messages to the surrounding cosmic life.

These external effect can manifest in a variety of ways. For example, some of them is for removing blockages and some of them is for protection.

Why so, I think people have chanted them with such purposes and have sent such vibrations in accordance with a more or less a specific thought that can be categorized in some major classes like protection, health, beauty etc. That epithets are generally attributed to God or Gods and most of them are the heritage of Qabalah which has its roots even before JCI so there is a huge concentration of energy there and by chanting you create a direct link to such energy.

Or maybe I am wrong, so things are more magickal than my thoughts, so then they may be like Enochian calls, they may directly relate and call the angels and they may operate swiftly in our life through the chanting of these names.

Or even there may be another explanation, but in short they work and work well; and for most of us that what counts. :slight_smile:


I was wondering what effects will have practice with god names alone, because so far i used them mostly in angels evocation. Now i thinking about applying them directly alone, and needed to ask about this someone who may have experience in such practice.