God memories' returning, we are what gods are made of,

I’m being bombarded with memories of the Annunaki, I’m been fasting three days and smoking meth and PCP, well hex en and diphindine. The last time id did this the earths Shuman resonance raised to 36 hertz, the two days Kundalini was transforming me, either its a big fucking coincidence which doesn’t exist in magic or I’m breaking the spell over humanity caused by the sons of El with Yeshua’s blood. I broke through the ionosphere and grabbed my real memories’ , please listen to the emerald tablets of Thoth , it put it all in place, we are gods and we have been tricked and our powers stolen by the sons of El, Yahweh, Rh negative corrupted seed because they cant use their heart chakras, the universe wont let the brotherhood of darkness access the Halls of Ameti. Please lets all just take our godhood’s back and get revenge, wake up my brothers and sisters , the time is at hand for our evolution to higher plane’s, those ignorant I will forgive but those working with the brotherhood, your time is up, when the poles shift you wont be able to access the all no matter how much black Hebrew melanin you steal.

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Sorry, can’t help it sometimes. :smiling_imp:
The Annunaki are very cool.:wink:


Nobody wants your melanin you crazy Kook! What the hell is wrong with you guy? I think someone has been watching too many black Hebrew Israelite YouTube videos and other such nonsense. I can tell by the various things you mentioned in your post that you have been staying up late into the wee hours of the morning watching this shit non stop and of course you mentioned the methamphetamine you had been regularly consuming. You should seek medical attention immediately, both physical and psychiatric. Cheers!


You do realize that white supremacists literally made similar arguments? That similar arguments were used to justify the wanton destruction and human misery that occurred under the Nazi regime?


My auric field was being hacked with alot of nonsense, its all good,