God Hates Me?

This question is wandering on my mind from past 1 year.

My prayers to God never bring results ! Its not like that I pray only when I need something… I regularly visit temple…

But still NO RESULT From prayers…Does god Hate me ??

Is there any effective way to pray ??

Thanx ^

God doesn’t hate you, Adhi. Learn to pray from the heart, and I see that you are standing in your own way by thinking that being interested in Magick while also willing to remain faithful in your Faith is not right or faisible.
There is nothing wrong in what you are doing. You are digging deep within yourself and making use of the innate capabilities which every single human being is endowed with and is entitled to develop further by right!
So, as you pray, stop questioning, and then blaming yourself for not being a good person for wanting to be a powerful Magician. Be at one with your God.Iidentify with Him/Her as a deity that always wishes you well, loves you as you love yourself and would never reject you or turn their back on you, in the same way you’d never do that to yourself. It is as easy as that. Then pray and see how your God will open His heavens for you.
Allow your God, to love you and help you. Do not impede him by thinking that your aspirations are wrong, because they are not. They are very normal.
You seek Magick because you are en enlightened Soul, you do not accept to just run along like a sheep within a herd, and that’s what sets you apart from all those people who frequent the Temple with you, but are not interested and do not practice Magick.
Be proud of it, do not feel ashamed of it. Allow your mind to think along the lines I have given you here, and be a co-creator with your God. He/She has the powers to help, and to help you help yourself; it is only you that stands in His/Her way!

You’re talking about the demiurge, right? Personally, I come from the train of thought that all magick is Satanic and Black. Regardless of what I think maybe you should question the source yourself? I think the Christian concept of the demiurge or at least the one portrayed in the mainstream bible would most definitely hate you just for being here. Here’s a refresher. http://www.openbible.info/topics/witchcraft

The main thing is it sounds like you’re at a crossroads. Maybe you should do some research on different Gods and Goddesses and find one that suits you and your personality. I think questioning whether or not your god hates you or not is a toxic way of thinking. Find something that brings you peace.

My bad, I had no idea that you were Hindu. As for advice, I think Milla nailed it. You’ll do fine if you meditate more. Everything has a voice in this universe. You’ve just got to learn how to hear it.

Depending on your relationship, and which god you worship, have you tried offering anything back in terms of effort, maybe some kind of charity work?

To just pray for help and not take on some work for that deity seems a little one-sided to me.

But this is just my own view of things and may not be relevant to your beliefs, or your problem. Or your god. :slight_smile:

@Lady Eva : I worship lord hanuman … In the temple which I visit… Hanuman appeared himself and there are his footprints there…

I offer him " badana " a sweet which is known to be his favourite… Everytime I visit the temple…

Anyways thanx for your response :slight_smile:

I have this overwhelming urge to tell you to offer him action, as well, specifically to help teach something to someone. I don’t know what or to whom, but I feel like doing his work a little would align you better.

I’m not saying that what you’re doing isn’t enough but I have the strongest inability to get this thought out of my mind so I might as well post it, and leave it to your good judgement. :slight_smile:

Good luck.