Goats baphomet horned demons visions

consider me an official spammer on this forum feel free to ignore my many questions on here…

the topic here is goats more specific goat demons baphomet and the like… why do I keep seeing them this is just a recent accurance but I keep seeing legions of lesser goat demons follow me I have visions of them dancing around bonfires playing flutes banging on drums etc also keep seeing baphomet or at least a goat headed winged demon sometimes he is by himself lurking in the dark or being surrounded by the goat demons as FYI before this I always saw peacocks and serpents but now just the goats :goat:

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the goat tower is calling me… bahhhh :goat:

they look like this btw

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In occult groups the peacock is synonymous with rebirth similar to the Phoenix. A beautiful array of colors. Many ancient cultures praised the peacock for it’s good fortune and wisdom/symbolism. Hope this helps.

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the peacock along with the serpent is melek ta’us