Goatman / Baphomet

Just wondering if anybody recognizes the entity in this pic:


And is this an accurate pic of Lucifer:

The first picture is fake. No entity would be randomly caught on camera, if at all.

Lucifer appears in many different forms. So, yes and no.

I agree with Euoi.

The first picture isn’t Baphomet it’s goatman. He went to.the petting zoo and got bitten bya radioactive goat. He was a hero until the mayor told him.he couldn’t chew paper so he became a villain and used his black magic to.attack the planet with the Flying Spaghetti Monster,and Ravenascent’s alien buddy Sassafrassasson.

Yeah,the FSM wants to destroy it’s creations because he wants us eating more Italian food,but is too lazy to create the Great Flood of Tomato Sauce(as evidenced by the fact that he made us while under a hangover) and Sassafrassasasson judt likes the misery.

And Lucifer almost always appears to me aa a young boy,in his early teens. But he is sometimes angelic,to the people who grew up in Christian.homes and full of light to those who think him a light god. So …it varies.

I’m gluten-intolerant, and declare a rice-based jihad upon you for uttering the foul name of the FSM!! O_o

Hey so when I scried Lucifer (he’s on my list to do a sktch at some point) he looked almost like a harlequin… just wondered if anyone else has seen him this way?

Like a jester? Not that I’ve seen, but I can see that in his aspects as the Lord of Misrule.

Not jester as in joking about or slapstick, more (almost) sinister, also wise, knowing - kind of like this:

Yes, Lord of Misrule/trickster sounding.

Not jester as in joking about or slapstick, more (almost) sinister, also wise, knowing - kind of like this:


A few years ago when I was doing sigil work on the Hecate sigil, something like this kept showing up in my dreams and bouncing around every which way, very fast also.

I figure it was Hermes myself.

Those fuckers in the astral planes seem to LOVE a chequerboard floor when they show you an image of themselves.

I’ve got nothing on why, except what I derived from various dodgy internet links.

Maybe carpets are “so last aeon”? :wink: