Goatia demon for that long money

Just yday bought Demons of Magick and started to read through it.

I already know I’m wanting more money but not a cash injection like the likes of Bune can provide but something long term like a job.

I started learning Web design so something to help me become awesome at this therefore will provide money once I’m proficient enough.

Thats just an example but asking you guys what demon might help with making money long term via a demon from the Goatia.

P. S not ruled out Bune


based on what I have read on here, Clauneck is good for this as well as Bune in my personal opinion, but im not someone who has gone in money magick so i dont know.


Hmmmm maybe it will be Bune after all.

Clauneck may be an option further down the road as he isn’t in the Goatia and I’m sticking with this demons of magick book for now.

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i thought clauneck was goetic

Try asking King Paimon, he’s an awesome teacher, and help improve your talents as a web designer.

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So did I at first but hes not in this book with 72 demons

but hes a goetic, just did a quick search

Actually not a bad idea to be honest, its not exactly a request for money im after but a reliable means to make that money long term. King Paimon seems like a good fit!


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Your welcome, I hope to someday have that two-way communication with him, I am really drawn to him. I wish you blessing, and success.

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Try Bune or Odin


Goetia demon for wealth beside Bune…

Try Belial. He will always aid in pointing people in direction for all kind of growth.


belial is for jobs and for making a living . so i hear.

If u want increase talent in art , there are demons for that too. read the descriptions of their expert field.


Belial will always point you in the direction of better possibilities, but you must do the job yourself.


Dutchess Bune is an absolute favorite of mine. And according to my understanding of her and the results i have had I can confirm that she is way more than a quick fix, Unless that’s what you are looking for.

Just mention what you want and accordance with it give her a timeline there is nothing she cannot do as long as it’s in her Jurisdiction and sometimes she would even go out of her way to do things for people who serve her. I currently have a 20 year pact with her.

If it’s money you are after she can do wonders and yes fairly quickly.

Also don’t restrict yourself to goetia demons only they are all amazing but you won’t know what you are missing unless you open your eyes.
I don’t mean invoke all the demons out there but remember demons are a part of this path not the path itself.

The best way I personally know to grow myself spiritually is through knowledge. Attaining it as much as I can.

I hope this helps


From my understanding of reading about magick. demons don’t know money. They understand energy and desires. That’s why most spells are focus on emotion and gratitude that you will get what you ask for not by way of money value in numbers but by way of what that money can do for you. Often the spells ask you to emphasize how you feel for what the money can do for you. It don’t ask about you desiring money amount.


Gonna beat the dead horse and say Bune
But also Valac (he brings random money from nowhere)

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Trust me…you absolutely want to continue to work with the Duchess Bune! Treat her right, respect her, and the possibilities are endless. I’m not just talking about short bursts of cash, but long-term help, jobs, you name it, if you put your trust and faith in her.


Love this. I have been meaning to summon Bune but now I think I’ll summon Belial first. Or maybe both?

I use Bune when I am in immediate need, when I was building a career, I used Belial.

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Good to know…:+1:

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