Goat skull fetish link

i have a goat skull chikin ckull and raccon skull also a deer ik deer feamle but what can all 4 be made into fetish links plz help


The difficult thing is to connect them with all of the size differences. It would be a little different with smaller skulls but that is a difficult nut to crack. The only thing that comes to mind is using the chicken skull due to its size and versatility in movement. I supppose my question is, are you looking to carry the fetish link around?

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the chicken is on a necklace

Alright so that means that you only really need to imbue it with any intenr and you are ready.

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most likely going to read alot on it

I recommend, Skulls are especially good to work with animal shades.

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Dead spirits of animals. Can also refer to a spirit of the dead but it depends on context

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ah thank you

You are welcome