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Hey guys,
I haven’t posted in awhile because I’ve been dealing with alot of shit.Long story short my landlord is kicking me out because of my daughters mental and behavioral issues which has caused her to cause some disturbances in our new neighborhood.She’s in a facility now getting the help she needs but my landlord still wont let me stay.
Then my girlfriend and I found a house on the outskirts of town so I gave her almost all my money for us to move in.But instead she used the money to pay her step dad back for the car he got her and the day before we were supposed to move in she told me she thought things were going to fast and we were making a mistake.
Which in turn left me broke with 2 days to be out of where I’m at.

I started a gofundme and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone on this forum could help me out.
Don’t worry.Your kindness will come with some benefits.


I’m typing on my phone which for some reason wont let me copy and paste but there’s the link.

A future thanks to anyone who decides to help out.It’ll come with it’s perks.


Your landlord may not have this option as an actual legal recourse. You have a right to appear in court. If you have been served an eviction notice it will buy you at least a month if you file a motion to determine rent due, or a motion to strike the eviction on the grounds that you have not broken your lease. (If you have not been served a formal notice as of yet, even better, he can not just kick you out or ask you to leave.)

Even if your landlord is awarded a victory in court and you are given a notice to vacate the property or pay a certain sum within a short amount of time, if you file chap 7 bankruptcy you will fall under federal protection called an “automatic stay” which prevents all creditors including landlords from taking action against you including eviction for up to 30 days.
You then have the option of dismissing said Bankruptcy case before it is officially approved (which is a lengthy process) while still taking effective advantage of the automatic stay.

I am not an attorney, and this is not legal advice.

But I hope it might be interesting.

The problem is I only signed a 2 month lease for an efficiency until the trailer I was supposed to move into was ready.So he’s just not renewing the lease.
Plus he just came and shut my power off because I thought I was moving over the weekend so he had it shut off.When I went outside to ask what was going on he cussed me out and told me I needed to get out.

Then he tried to say it was because I was behind on rent when I offered him money numerous times but he refused it.
Not to mention another tenant broke into my house while I was at work and stole my playstation 4.He was caught (no thanks to the police I did the work myself) and he went to jail.To top it off my landlord is letting him stay.

I’m going to be contacting the rental authorities tomorrow.
My landlord doesnt even own the complex,his grandfather does so I’m going to try and find a way to contact him and let him know how his grandson is running his business.But that doesn’t do me much good now being I have no air and its 80 degrees outside plus my phone is about to die.

I’m gonna curse the fuck outta this little bitch once I get back on my feet.


Do that musta, if he is making up reasons to harass you then my solutions are still valid even in the case of an expired lease I believe. Just stir the pot as best you can, I hope you take a chunk out of his ass.

If I where you I would apply for emergency cash assistance in this scenario when it comes down to survival. Hang tough musta.

Thanks brother,
I already took out a payday which part of it went to my girlfriend that fucked me.
I swear once I’m back on my feet there’s quite a few people who’s gonna get a visit from the devil.(I’m the devil)

Take her to court or press charges, that is blatant theft.


I meant to say I am sorry that this happened to you, but shit press charges!

File an HUD complaint. Once he finds out the federal government can sue his ass for refusing to rent to someone with a mentally ill child, he might come around.


The federal Fair Housing Act and Fair Housing Amendments Act (42 U.S. Code §§ 3601-3619, 3631) prohibit discrimination against people who:

have a physical or mental disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities -- including, but not limited to:
    mobility impairments
    hearing impairments
    visual impairments
    chronic alcoholism (if it is being addressed through a recovery program)
    mental illness
    HIV, AIDS, and AIDS-Related Complex, or
    mental retardation
have a history of such a disability, or
are regarded by others as though they have such a disability.

If he’s refusing to accept money from you and you genuinely owe him anything, he is actively trying to fuck you over so he can wreck you in a civil suit and/or use it against you when you complain about discrimination. Pay him ANY amount of money AT ALL at least every thirty days. Have your bank MAIL him a fucking check and print out a statement and the proof it was mailed, or mail it yourself and get tracking/delivery confirmation and SAVE that shit.

Under Federal law, a lease is a DEBT - a contract to pay the full amount of the term. As long as you can prove you are attempting to make payments every 30 days, it doesn’t matter whether you paid a “certain amount” within a certain magic window, i.e., before you move out.

I’m fairly certain that landlords are required to give the current tenant priority on lease renewals - meaning, they can’t kick you out because they don’t like you, or even because you’re behind on the rent as long as you’re making payments/getting caught up. They can’t rent the place out from under you. Might be too late for that, though, if you’ve already told him you’re moving out.

Landlords are the absolute worst when it comes to exploiting people who don’t know their rights. They’ll fuck you over like nobody else, so make sure you read, read, read…

If you are in the U.S. the landlord, by law, HAS to give you a notice to vacate the premises which gives you 30 days to find a new place and move out without repercussions. After that, if you still have not left the landlord has to go to court and get a court ordered notice of termination of lease in order to have the right to say get the hell out and if at that point you still don’t leave the landlord has the legal right to get the police to make you leave. But it takes at least 15-45 days longer to get the court ordered notice depending on how busy your local court system is and if the local filing clerk considers something like this a priority that the judge needs to hear about right away and rental termination cases usually do not take priority unless the tenant is being destructive or causing problems with the neighbors.

You do not have to leave until he or she gives you an official eviction notice. If they call the cops oh well, tell the cops you have not been given formal notice and the cops will tell your landlord to serve you the proper papers and they will leave. If your landlord tries to lock you out or change the locks on your doors when you’re gone one day because you have not left, if they still have not served you termination papers you can call the cops and press charges on them for locking you out. They cannot lock you out of your apartment unless you get a court ordered notice and still have not left, but anytime before that stay as long as you can until you can find another place.

If your daughter is classified as disabled with a psychological disorder by the social security administration, call the ADA on them (Americans with disabilities act) and file a discrimination complaint that you are being asked to leave becasue of your disabled daughter. They can force your landlord to pay for your next apartment for so many months if you win the claim. But if your daughter has destroyed any property or had any noise complaints then the law will side with the landlord. If you live in an apartment but HUD is paying for your rent (section 8 voicher) call the HUD office and tell them, they will make your landlord follow procedure or she can be fined and have her HUD rental privelages revoked because lanlords can get a special tax credit for accepting HUD tenants and she will lose that if she does not comply. HUD is VERY strict when it comes to rules and procedures.

If you live in HUD apartment owned by the government though, you have no choice, you have to leave when you get the notice or else you will lose all further HUD privelages and no longer qualify for HUD assistance. And if you do live in a government ran apartment complex and the landlord is acting like this, call the HUD department and tell them she is not doing her job correctly. Have them schedule you a hearing to appear before the board of directors in your area and give them an appeal.

Your landlord cannot lawfully tell you to leave without a formally typed and hand signed notice. I have dealt with assholes like this recently. She told me to leave and I said, where’s my eviction notice? 3 days later she said are you packing up your stuff and I said, nope! still haven’t gotten that eviction notice, sorry! So she gave me the eviction notice and then asked me for my rent and I said well if you’re kicking me out knowing I don’t have another place ready just yet, why the fuck should I have to pay you rent? She threatened to call the cops on me so I said go ahead, I don’t have the money to give you so what are they going to, send me to jail because I’m broke right now? You are kicking me out remember? So how did you expect me to pay for a new apartment if I still had to pay you $550 this month for rent? I don’t have enough money to pay for both apartments at the same time so making sure I have somewhere else to go takes priority over you.

Only reason she wanted me to leave is because I told her over and over again, Susanne I can hear water leaking somewhere in the bathroom and it’s not the toilet or the sink, it sounds like it’s coming from the bathtub can you please send your repair man over to check it out? She said no, as long as you can’t actually see the water that’s leaking it will be fine, it’s probably just the water draining from the tub after you shower. I told her I could still hear water running even 7 hours after my last shower and there was no way water would still be draining from the tub 7 hours later unless the pipes were severly clogged which they weren’t. My room mate takes a bath one day instead of a shower, we hear a loud cracking sound then a thump underneath the tub and she quickly jumps out.

Turns out, a pipe really was leaking under the tub and her refusal to fix it made the pipe burst open, all the water from the pipes poured into the floor below and leaked thru the ceiling of the offices below us and the celing tiles in that office caved in and came crashing down on some lady’s desk along with about 12 gallons of water because the gravity pull from the open and exposed pipe caused all the water to drain rapidly out of the tub and she blamed us for it. Tried to make me pay for the repairs, a new bath tub, and a pay the repair man’s salary for that day. I told her as my landlord that if I was paying her rent she is required by law to fix anything severly damaged or unsafe and this was not my fault because I warned her at least 3 times about the leak and she refused to listen so I told her to fuck off. So she evicted me because I got an attitude with her for trying to charge me for something that was not my fault.

I would have fought in court and easily won but a bitch like that as a landlord, I was not going to stick around her any longer, besides she kept coming into my apartment when I was gone and snooping around without any notice, she was not spraying for bugs or fixing anything she just wanted to snoop and then openly admitted to snooping by saying my room mate needed to get her clothes off the floor and into the closet. Her sister gave her some hand-me-downs and she was arranging them by size which is the only reason they were in the floor.

Send the “go fund me” link to your girlfriend’s step dad since he’s the one with your money.

Have you tried going to him and telling him how much of that money that she stole from you is yours and that you would like it back? Do you have any kind of backbone that would enable you to lean on your girlfriend (ex) in any kind of way that might encourage her to make some type of financial amends or are you a pushover which is why you’re in this situation to begin with?

A “wizard” has to come onto a forum begging people for money? Really?

Ok first of all Iam whatever the fuck,I’m not the first majician on here who’s done this.And like i said there will perks to any donations.
Second my girlfriend is returning the money as soon as she gets the deposit bad from the house we were supposed to move into.

And to RavensAscent,
He told me to be out the last time my step father who was watching her had to call the cops because she ran away.My landlord is refusing to renew my lease because of that and when I got a couple hundred dollars behind on rent I told him I would give him the money on payday so the real reason he’s kicking me out is because of my daughter.My daughter never did anything to anyone in the neighborhood she would just have violent outbursts where I was forced to have the police involved because she was threatening my life and her own.But no he has not served me any papers.

I contacted some agencies yesterday and they said it sounds like I have a case against him so I called the rental authorities and have an appointment with them tomorrow,so hopefully I can fuck this heartless asshole over.

Just to clarify something else, in both cases of people posting GoFundMe requests (Orismen and now M_K), the members requested permission from the mods first, and we evaluated their long-term membership, the fact both have had no warnings issued nor any concerns raised, and their overall history of forum contributions, and made the call based on those.

So, the members in question absolutely needed to ask before just asking for donations, and we thought both cases over on an individual basis, but this isn’t the kind of thing that’s at all likely to be a common occurrence on here.

Besides that Iam, everyone falls on hard times. It doesn’t matter how great a wizard/occultist one is, the fact that we live in the manifest world means that we will have to put up with shit from time to time.

Even E.A., Crowley and even Jesus of Nazareth asked for help when they were in a tough spot.