Go Fund Me


Major thanks to both Bran and Lady Eva for letting me post this.

I am in a bit of a bind after my divorce. I have a new job and roommates all set in Seattle. My only issue is moving to Seattle. I have been selling a lot of my stuff in order to pay for my move but I am still a bit short.

I have started a Go Fund Me to help raise the funds. I am NOT advertising anything, but there is a perk to donating. If you follow the link you will see :wink:

Thank you,

I won’t spoil your name (Because you quite literally posted as a pseudonym) but thank you so much!

Good luck, I just started one for a friend who’s fell on hard times. If any of you can, please like and www.sharegofundme.com/y7f6haw[/quote]

Thank you, good luck to you and your friend as well.