Glowing runes in the air

Hi all. I was doing my daily opened eyed meditation, you know keeping the veil thin. I will materialize astral substance, akasha, first matter, source material, , lots of names for the same thing. Any, as I was finishing, as I relaxed my effort, glowing lines appeared in the air in front of me. It looked like scratches. But thinking on it now it could have been writing or runes. Any way it faded away. It startled me, I was expecting it lol. Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks for your time.


Yes, it is an indicator of the deitys presence and his response that you have been heard.

Can you upload a sketch of what you saw, I love a good mystery to solve :slight_smile:

I would be making it up if I tried, I really can’t recall. Maybe I can scry into the meaning of it, or try to free hand a sigil of the spirit responsible. We will see.

It’s ok it’s not time to remember it yet. Do you keep a dream journal. Keep a pen and paper by your bed so you can write down stuff, even if it doesn’t make sense in the moment, it will eventually.

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Update time. What I saw is called, vijra chains. It is awareness or consciousness, I’m not sure. Iv also been seeing a lotus mandala after meditation when I blink my eyes. Cool stuff.