Glowing Orbs

Does anyone ever get these when they do evocation?

I’ve been doing some evocations using E.A.'s ‘Elixir’ of manifestation, substituting pig’s blood for the rat, and while I haven’t really been able to get ‘full’ materialization with this stuff w/o smoke, I get glowing orbs everywhere.

Maybe it was just the location I did the last evocation in, it’s a really old basement, creepy actually.

Oh, it was an evocation of Asmoday, if that makes any difference. Never had this before…

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Yeah. Buer would manifest as a dim red orb that would fly into the part of my body that needed healing. Also typical are flashes of light or a “flashbulb” effect, pillars of smoke or shadow, loud deliberate knocking that sounds like somebody going “Here I am,” and I just got a new one last week - had a King that gave me a feeling of a hand “gripping” my right arm tightly, complete with a pain like my arm had been scratched by raw, sharp nails or talons. The spirit told me he just wanted me to know he was really there - he was actually quite friendly, but the pain was bad enough to be almost distracting, though it vanished the moment I dismissed him.

And just for comparison, I’m not currently using any smoke or elixirs at all, and I get all those effects.

Lately I’ve been getting the feeling of shadows looming behind or to the side of me. It’s so obvious that I often turn around and know it’s a spirit but I’m not fearful of it. It’s obviously letting me know it’s there. Also flashes of light off to my side vision and sparks of light quite often in front of me that dart of around my peripheral vision. But the most regular has always been the deliberate knocking on hard surfaces. It happens every time I’m in my temple/study if i close my eyes briefly and meditate. Even sitting in my car relaxing it happens where I’ll hear a knocking on the inside of the roof. I’m working on a bit more direct communication at the moment for curiosities sake.

Hmmm, do you do the staring into flame exercise & call the spirits as directed from Evoking Eternity?

After I started doing that I began to get alot of the same things you mention.

Also I’ve been doing daily LBRP & Advanced Middle Pillar daily for 4 months, on top of my 3rd eye opening routine…so I get alot of ‘astral junk’ I think, from this vision starting to open nicely.

Anyway, after I started to call random ‘floater’ spirits, I notice the same things you talk about, flashes of light, glowing balls, not to much audio, but I get alot of sensory stuff, such as feeling light touches along my back, etc.

Ohhhh man, and the other day as I was scrying into blackness before bed, about 10 minutes after I passed out & reached deep theta state, I feel my soul being ‘pulled’ from my body, I woke up saying ‘What does this prove? You still have no power over me!’.

I banished whatever it was, I have an idea but these little random fuckers I think play games.

Reminded me of old abduction dreams I used to have actually…hmmmmm…

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Hey Gnosis. :slight_smile:

No, quite often these things happen when I’m just browsing the net and my attention is fixed on the monitor. That’s when I’ll get the flashes to my side and the sense of a spirit/s around or behind me. The tapping happens once I get into a bit more of a passive state(not always meditating) but just being in the moment.

It’ll usually amplify though if I do something along the lines of the exercises you mentioned but not those ones specifically. Things such as staring into a candle or black mirror scrying and sigil work.

The flashing and sparks have increased lately and I can pinpoint it to since I started the Remote Viewing/Remote Influencing course. One evening my entire chest area was shimmering/vibrating white light which is a first for me, in so far as it wasn’t coming from around me but from me, so I’m definitely experiencing an increase in visual phenomena and energy perception nearly as a permanent thing, all day long. And I do often get impressions of spirits if I close my eyes in a relaxed state, but usually more spontaneous than not.

If it helps to mention this, I’ve been doing yoga regularly for the past year and the LBRP or KC as well as other yogic practices like Nadi Shodhana and Yoga Nidra but the energy really picked up after listening to the Gerald O’ Donnell stuff.

Oh I know what you mean about getting pulled out, it happens to me once in a while. I feel myself slipping into hypnogogia and I have to fight to get out of it because it feels like something is right above me trying to fuck with me. I’m having more success snapping out of it because i am prepared to tackle it nowadays. Yeah I wonder sometimes if it’s them playing games or some spirit really trying to get me out of body so I can experience astral projection consciously. Lol!

Orbs glowing are almost never the demons, angels, or spirits.
It’s energy and a lot of times just random parasitic entities that are drawn towards this incoming energy or repelled by the same.