Glory to Gremori / Gamori

Wow, I am impressed. I have called Her into my life, and opened myself regarding how I want to work with Her, if she agrees. I traced the sigil in front of green candle light and left some initial offerings. Without too much details, I need to heal from last relationship with a narcissist, but I also had one ex from distant past on my mind. Not randomly, she was my only ex making me look back from time to time. Situation didnt arise from thin air, I have opened this channel (communication with the girl) recently, but I definitely wasnt sure if I can expect anything here, and shortly after the first ritual, I had such a good time with her that it seems like a dream. Old spark came back, after around 12 years. (Re)connection that is very deep. It healed me greatly. Its not the only thing manifesting but its the most relevant. I cant believe how fast (and smart) Gremori works. I didnt even get to evocation yet. Its not done, I will proceed developing relationship with the Demon, but I am just amazed by the results already.

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