Glasya Labolas

Hey Everyone! Hope you’re all having a Magickal Weekend :slight_smile: so Iv got a question reg Glasya Labolas (to make a named individual suffer loneliness being shunned by friends/strangers) and the question issssss, how would one go about writing a petition or requesting the aforementioned ability in the present tense? Like, well I’m sure you know what i mean. Thanks in advance, Take care :slight_smile:


I haven’t worked with Glasya Labolas.

When I write a petition, I always write as if I already have it in the present tense: “Target feels intense mental anguish as each day goes by until he apologizes to me”. “Target suffers and feels loneliness and despair, he/she is shunned by all of their friends and anyone else he/she comes in contact with.”

Something along those lines…:bouquet:


Thanks :slight_smile:



Some entities like pacts, this way they are more synced in with you and your goals.

I dont write any petitions. I have my grimoire (more of a diary to keep track of my rituals, requests, offerings, etc). I have a conversation whether it can be done and what she/he would like in return. But you have to be specific with your request. Also, do not ask for the same request from different entities. They dont like it.

First thing first, the Daemon has to be WILLING to deliver what you asked of him. But writing your request is only a secondary thing, and a matter of preference. Some people even visualize the details. Not all requests are granted, so you know.

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