Helllo, i’m trying to open a sigil but i doing know if im doing it well so i do this questions to help me with it.

  1. I use glasses i must use it when i gaze a sigil?
    2.i must see all the sigil or only a part?
    3.How of must gaze it? I understant as i see to my lover is in front of me but my eyes try to refocus the sigil every second( this happen always when i see that the lines of the sigil beginning to desapear…

Well its all thanks in advance for your help!!

We fortunate bespectacled ones tend to have very tense eye and facial muscles. Its a pattern we developed in stressful situations.

Learn to relax your thoughts and countenance through meditation. Be aware of your expressions and tension; squinting, glaring, staring hard, etc. What can you do to replace those behaviors?

Forgot where I found these exercises, but coupled with mindfulness of your thoughts and face will be worlds better scrying, too.

Technique 1 — Counting Leaves.
Stand a comfortable distance from a tree or plant and count its green leaves with your eyes. Start with 50 leaves, then gradually increase the number to 300, increasing a few leaves after a few days.

Technique 2 — Rolling Stars.
With the eyes open, roll both eyeballs in big circles (as big as possible) 10 times one side, and then 10 times the other side.

Technique 3 — Angry Eyes.
Open both eyes as big as possible, then shut them as tightly as possible. Repeat about 10 times.

Technique 4 — Far and Near.
Stare at a distant object, like a cloud or a tree on a faraway mountain, for a few seconds, then stare at a nearby object, like the tip of your nose or some grainds of sand on your feet, for a few seconds. Repeat about 10 times.

Technique 5 — Focusing One.
Gently stare at a point about 5 to 10 feet in front of you with steady eyes as long as you can, which may range from a few seconds to a few minutes. At first your eyes will become tired or painful, and tears may roll down. This is part of the training or recovery process. Initially when your staring time is short, you may repeat the exercise a few times, but as your eyesight improves gradually you can stare at the point for many minutes comfortably and steadily.

Technique 6 — Nourishing Spirit.
Gently close your eyes and let your chi (energy) nourish your eyes and spirit. At first you may feel your eyes itchy. This is a good sign indicating that chi is working at your eye problems. As you progress, you will find your eyes restful and your mind fresh. (Note: “Nourishing Spirit” may appear similar to but is actually different from “Standing Meditation”. But students need not worry about the differences.)

Technique 7 — Point Massage.
Massage the face with both palms and then using your fingers massage energy points around the eyes, at the base of the nose, at the temples (here, use the base of the palms to massage) and behind the ears. If you do not know where the energy points are, just massage the face, round the eyes, nose and ears.

Also, regularly focusing on a joyful face seems to correlate directly with tension headaches and my children behaving. Perhaps when I scowl less and such, my brain and body like me better…and I’m less of a jackass.

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These have trained my muscles not to scowl, it feels weird and wrong now:

They’re excellent, and I know some people get relief from headaches when they have botox on the same lines so I think scowling is best avoided, it so easily becomes a habit and then like my nan always said, pull a face too often and one day you’re stuck with it - in reality, not because the wind changed but you’ve sculpted yourself into it! O_o

Aspiring to have a pleasant countenance at all times is recommended by some Hindu gurus, for both the personal and social benefits, and because it’s a positive role model for children to see adults looking pleasant and peaceable, and not accidentally passing on the signal that life is full of woes. I do make an effort, though I admit it’s mainly vanity! :slight_smile:

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