Hello my lovelies :slight_smile:

I have a question and was curious if any of you had done anything similar.

So my friend said they wanted a demonstration of magick ( thinking I meant stage magic) and so I got to thinking about what might be a practical thing I can demonstrate to my skeptical friends and remembered in DND (yes I’m a fucking nerd) something called Thaumaturgy which allows the caster to do small things like open and close doors, change heights of things and change the colours of their eyes or make them glow. This made me remember Glamours.

So my question is; is there a glamour to change one’s eye colour? Like to red or black?

Any and all comments, concerns or amber alerts are welcome.



I believe E.A. spoke about changing the color of his eyes in one of his videos (sorry i don’t remember which one) But i think he said all he did was put his right hand over his eye and then focused on them being a different color till it felt to him like they were, and then other people would comment on it. I don’t think he was trying to prove to anyone but himself that it was real. But you have to ask him for details about it.

I don’t know if something like that would work if your friend knew about it before hand. From what i understand about Glamours they rely on others not being consciously aware of what your doing.

I also remember a story about Aleister Crowley, a friend of his ask the samething so Crowley began following another man at random down the street and started to mimic the man’s movements and then Crowley dropped to his knees and at the same time so did the other man. That seems like mental manipulation and domination then glamour, whether of his friend or the other man, maybe both, or even if that story is true i can’t say. Just something for you to consider.

Sorry i can’t be of more help with this, so far no one has asked me for a demonstration of magick, well nobody that’s still alive anyway. :smiling_imp:


No problem. Thanks for all the info. She wouldn’t know I was doing a glamour. In fact she wouldn’t know I was doing anything. Just figured I could test it on her.

I want to prove to myself more than any one that this is possible. Figured it’d be a fun trick.


@KingOfHearts616 [quote=“KingOfHearts616, post:1, topic:18279”]
So my friend said they wanted a demonstration of magick ( thinking I meant stage magic) and so I got to thinking about what might be a practical thing I can demonstrate to my skeptical friends
The classical one is to throw them across the room with your powers (yes, I mean magickally). I know one person who uses that as their standard demonstration. For the rest of us mere mortals I am not very sure.


If only I knew how to do that :laughing:

Gods I would get some fucking use of that. Some real intolerable people who deserve it.

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How did he do that?


@John_Doe You don’t literally throw someone back telekinetically. That requires a lot more power. Causing someone to stumble backwards or even go flying backwards with both feet off the floor as if in a seizure by attacking their Spirit is far easier. Relatively that is. I’ve only had a few successes.


Heres what you can do. Buy a metal tin box that can only be opened with a key. Take a piece of paper and write down something that you want to affect in the skeptics life…For example, you may want to gét them a raise at work, harm one of their enemies, etc. You write down what you are going to do and put it in the metal tin, keep the key for yourself and give the tin to your friend. Tell your friend that youre gonna change something specific in his life, and after it happens, you’ll give him the key to open the tin himself so he can see exactly what it was. Imagine how much bricks he’ll shit if he got say, a $5000 raise at work…and he opens that tin at home only to find a message saying “im gonna give you a raise at work…preferably around $5000 dollars”


I like it :laughing: