Glamour Magick

Ok, so I was watching one of my favorite films about witchcraft from the 90’s “The Craft,” and I have always wondered about the glamour magick done in the movie. How close is that to reality vs Hollywood? Any tip for beginners?

Also, the God in the movie is Manon. Is there such a deity?

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As a 90’s child, I love the Craft! I probably watched it hundreds of times growing up lol.

They created Manon so viewers of the film wouldn’t attempt to actually invoke him. Manon’s name is close to Celtic God of the Sea, Mananan. There’s other facts about the movie as well as well as that info here:

I wish I could run my hands through my hair and change my hair color! It would have saved it from all the damage I’ve done to it over the years from bleaching it so much lol. As far as glamour magick, I haven’t practiced it myself, but from my understanding, glamour magick is more about using it to make you feel better about yourself and to attract others to you. Hopefully someone experienced in it can give you a better answer here. However I did witness with my former mentor that your eye color can change from practicing magick over time.

Well I have heard about people shape shifting into animals. But, I think glamour magick is different. Or maybe they are not too far from each other.

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I havent seen ‘The Craft’ but very basic glamour magic is ‘easy’ to pull off as it is just shifting your own personal energy to match what you vibe you want to send out.

IE- If you want to be viewed as alluring, sexy, etc. then, for example, you could picture what you want to look and feel like in your magical imagination and then do a meditation to invoke that energy into you. That mental image blur with the ‘real you’ with each breath until the illusory image and what you are have no outward boundaries. Basically take that energy in, become it, and then you will start to project it.

People are more easily influenced by subtle energy than they realize. If you keep it up, along with maybe an energy working routine to build your personal power (qi gong for example - zhan zhuang), your ‘simple glamour spells’ can become very potent. It just takes practice and commitment.

You could still work with a thoughtform version of Manon from the movie, if you are into invoking/evoking pop culture stuff. Just treat it like any other spirit.


You are definitely correct about shapeshifting and glamour being different & that one can change forms into an animal. I’ve heard a few stories about shapeshifting experiences including someone transforming into a crow & while I was being told the story, a glass flung off a shelf & broke in front of us!

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Me too. My mother told me a story about my great grandfather running into a pig on the road and would not let him pass he withdrew his sword(in those days they used swords) and struck it. Following morning there was a woman lying in that same road with a wound in the same spot he struck the pig. :astonished: