Glad your ex never came back?

Everytime someone asks about an ex coming back I almost want to ask “why?” what is so great about them that you want them back? Especially if they left you and showed you that they lack loyalty. Is this a female thing that I missed during my lifetime? 9/10 times its a female obsessing over a guy. A guy she may not have seen for yeeeeeeears. Sometimes decaaaaaaaades. Yes I said decaaaaaaaaades. Please don’t be her. There’s often a romanticization of a circumstance or an agrandizement about why the whole world wouldn’t let him be with her when in fact; he just wasn’t that interested!

Maybe I’m just lucky that I didn’t get into magic until after my boy craziness ended. I get it. That first month the wound is fresh and you would give anything to be with that person. But I promise 9/10 times a woman is stuck on one guy he’s out talking to 5 to 6 other chicks just to entertain him and erase you off of his mind. But yet women waste time energy and money trying to get a guy back who isn’t a match. Has anyone desperately wanted an ex back but then in hindsight realized that it was a blessing that it didn’t happen because what you each wanted was not the same and that person would have actually made things harder and miserable in the end? I know I have! I was stuck on a guy once even a year later I had that wishful thinking voice “I feel like we’re going to cross paths again.” Now not so much. I have deeper interest and realized the guy was an A grade asshole who only had an in because I was naive and didn’t think much of myself but had we stayed together I just know he would have annialated any of my self esteem I had left! Did we love each other? Hell yeah! Should we have been together or ever? Hell no!


I kicked my exes to the damn curb and never looked back. Hell no I never want them back. I learned the hard way as I explain in another post here on the forum under someone else. I used to be the poster for battered wife syndrome, never again, and that ass is my child’s father.
Yea it was great the first 3 years. Had our daughter 1 year after being together (not planned BC failed). Got married on 3 year anniversary and a damn switch flipped. Would I change it nope I got a beautiful child and in the end it showed me what NOT to look for in someone.


A lot of women will not leave abusive men; especially after having kids. I salute you your bravery and your decisions!


I’ll admit it was hard at first but the final fight led to police and me being told if you don’t leave the next call you will be in a pine box. Filed divorce next day.


Actually, the majority of the “get my ex back” threads lately seem to be by guys :man_shrugging:


I noticed a couple of these. However in my life off the forum hands down women are the main ones holding on year after year. Dude could have been remarried three times in five years never looking back. Still holding on. Not dating wishfully hoping after the next marriage he’ll come back. I’m sure there’s a minority of men who get stuck on women like that but the majority even with feelings will move on and remarry. At best they’d cheat with the ex if they got the chance but once they get saddled in married family life he ain’t going now where with the chick who’s hanging out in the wings but a motel and back home to wife and kids. There’s exceptions but generally women aggrandize these men who aren’t thinking about them way more. Recently women have been seeing the light so yeah there will be more women leaving dudes who are not bringing what the girl wants.


I like the thread a lot. I had one ex I dated from 18-24 we broke up and I literally pined over him for years. I never did any witchcraft on him but I really hoped he would come around. I re-established contact three times with him once after my dad died and I was really depressed, again when I lost my job as manager in a bank in the same yr my dad died a job which I really had loved and then the following year when I was in a near fatal accident. I was surprised and wounded at the coldness of the man that I had always been there for and made so many sacrifices for. In the end I let everything just be I think about him from time to time but I would never take him back. Funnily enough I had a reading done a few years ago and the psychic asked me “who is dean” I was stunned and she kept asking who he was to me if he was my fiancé or my husband. I finally said no then after a very long pause she warned me never to take him back and that he was quote “confused” and it would be dangerous for me to re enter into a relationship with him. I’m not sure what she was seeing because for sure I know he has discarded me from his mind years ago. Despite it all I’ve dated 2 guys after him and both were worse than him personality wise and the relationships were short lived. Sighs.


Wow there’s so much you mentioned on your timeline that reminds me of what a relative went through after her father passed and two years or so later I caught on to the fact that a guy was cheating on this other girl wit her and she didn’t care because she really needed a guy to care. There is nothing in this world like losing a parent. It reminds me to have compassion for people going through the struggle. I will say to readers what I tell this person: you have to live your life. People who seem to have great positions do scandalous things because they know deep down they are not fulfilled. These relationships become that one thing they have to look forward to. Everyday we have to make the right choices and include the right people so our life is full and not reliant on one person. Otherwise the significant other becomes an expensive bandaid when what you really need is stitches therapy and community!

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Those last two sentences are everything. My situation was that I was really reliant on him emotionally because he was literally my best friend and when you think about it my only friend or so I thought. So I was extremely reliant on him from an emotional standpoint.

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Realizing the work is half of the battle. The other half is putting ourselves out there to do it.

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I think it’s relative. Depends on one’s purpose. If both are going for numbers, they won’t be attach. If one wants more than , there might be attachments. The guys once find a keeper will drag himself into the pits cuz of her. Females are very vindictive if things don’t go well. Not only that, they have been trained since early age to mislead and play the guy as they get plenty practice with all the guy hitting on them. They got choices. Many guys don’t . They tired of being broke going out just to get to know a girl. So they get jaded about the dating process. Then when they find someone special, they go deep end and might not come back. haha. Happens to all. It comes to a point where they just get sick of the girl and never want her back again. Especially if they don’t own up to their wrong doings.
Guys get hurt too. They just don’t show it.

Weather the ex come back or not, it’s up to them. They must change and grow up and be respectful and put more efffort. Usually they feel guilt over their bad behavior and lack of communication and blaming etc… The one that did the ending for stupid reasons probably can’t work things out. It’s really tricky as everyone is different and in different phase in life. Unless the goal of the friendship/relationship is similar, things won’t work out cuz it will be one using the other. hence, the need to communicate so there is no assumptions and misunderstanding. It’s an ongoing thing which many people don’t do.

Sometimes it’s not worth the time or investment as the trust is lost.

the only one that can come back is the one that did the breaking up cuz they the one that left. If the one that didn’t breakup continue to persue the breaker then it’s creepy and seem like a stalker.

When my magick works then i’ll know if i’m glad or not as they are target practice to improve my magick skills. . lol.

Sad reality

That’s kind of a touchy assumption there. Not all women are the same, just as not all men are. Everyone is an individual and while there are plenty of awful people out there, there’s many decent ones too. :+1: No shade, just my 2 cents.

I do some spellwork professionally, and have always refused doing “get my ex back” spells for others. Noticed that the gender ratio in these requests is pretty much 50-50.


I’m now refusing to do tarot readings based on ex’s or crushes, I did a few and noticed they came out with the same results, only the ONE exception and that may be a rare one.

Then back up their topics with “They love me we just can’t be together.” That’s a sign it’s not meant to be, anyway. Plus if they loved you that much, you wouldn’t go looking for spells to get them back. 9/10 they say that as not to hurt your feelings.

Gender doesn’t matter regarding anything like this, think it boils down to the person in general. But judging that one on here are willing to take away said person’s free will to have them back for one reason or another, I’d say their ex’s had a lucky escape. Unpopular opinion, who cares?


On this forum, what DarkestKnight said is more the norm. I’m not sure if that’s because lhp attracts more guys while women usually go more pagan routes and aren’t here, or luck of the draw, or what.

Me, no, it’s not my way to want what I can’t have, I’m way too proud :smiley:
I have done magik on myself to remove painful feelings and intrusive desires more than once, and I’ve become very good at it.

I’m also a detached person (full on shadow side of Aquarius detatched) so when I do actually care, I really sit up and take notice. It usually means something if someone’s got through to me. Then I’ll do the Aquarian thing and logically decide if magickal intervention is needed. Head over heart.

If thine eye offends thee, pluck that shit the fuck out.

I totally agree. Years ago I used poppet magick to bring back my daughter’s dad. I was really struggling to raise her on my own and needed help. Like angel and demon magick, poppet magick is very powerful and it did indeed bring him back. It was all good for a while but he was just as crazy as ever and it didn’t work out for the same reasons it didn’t work before. I did this close to 12 years ago and I have become wiser since. I have definitely never done any spell work like it again for all the reasons you mentioned. If I had it to do all over again I would have used magick to bring help in other ways, not through him. So whoever is reading this should take my advice. I’ve been there and done that and there’s a lot of backlash that happens with this type of magick.


As a guy I can say I was desperate to have my ex back when he left. I tried every demon I could think of Sallos, Dantalion, Pomba Giras, Lucifer, I tried the call me spell and two rituals for hire from those that specialise in voodoo magic. Nothing worked and my EXTREME lust for results probably hindered my results.

A year and a half later and I am over my ex. I found someone new and I am much happier. I think at the time my ex knew I was emotionally reliant on them due to having few friends and a job I hated and I think that’s what fed into the pain. Notwithstanding that my ex decided to make allegations to the police in an effort to ruin my career.

Now the only reason I want my ex’s address is not to reconcile but to serve them with legal papers


I like seeing people becoming happier after moving on from a bad relationship.

My views on this topic as a whole? I do not condone forcing someone to feel a certain way. If your ex doesn’t want to be with you, you’re better off finding someone who values you and wants to be with you too! The way I see it, if someone attempts to get an ex back through magic, and it works initially, that relationship still won’t last. Real love is based off of a MUTUAL feeling. Spells can wear off over time. It’s just prolonging suffering to do “get my ex back spells”. No shade to anyone who does these, but I think there’s better uses of your energy. Respect yourself!!


Most fail to realize that casting the spell isn’t enough. You still have to interact and socialize and create the relationship and communicate. All the efforts to make it work. Just cuz one case the spell to get them back don’t mean there is no process of relating or actual interaction. IF they both treat each other the same and don’t mature/grow up then it’s going to be the same reasons they broke up.

THey came back. So what? you still have to build the relationship together. That’s the missing piece peopel forget. Social skills still needed as well as showing affecting and taking care of each other. The mundane stuff still needed. Magick alone don’t get results. Actions are needed to keep it going. Still comes down to your communication/social skills as being important. So one still need to learn to be the man or woman each wants. don’t just rely on magick alone.


90% of such get-your-ex-back people are women? I did not know that: how did you figure it out?
But you’re right–it’s never worth the wait ever. Not for exes or anything usually.
I’m a guy but I’m glad she’s never showed up in manifest form as we would call it. Yet, it too remains one of infinite realities like it or not.

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