Glad to be here!

Hi all,

I’m Saff. I have been fascinated with divination since a few God-fearing friends of mine gifted me with tarot cards on my fourteenth birthday (needless to say my mother was none too pleased.) I’ve since picked up a few oracle decks, and have worked slowly on my skills over the past several years. I have also experimented with Ouija boards, visited psychics, and read numerous occult books on my journey.

I’ll confess my practices have been on and off over the years since I have been repeatedly told by members of the faith in which I was born that dabbling in the occult is the devil and will inevitably lead to demonic possession. Like, serious, movie-like possession that includes head-spinning, speaking in tongues, and vomiting random objects. However, I’ve since chosen to embrace my natural White Magick inclinations, and have chosen to embark on the Right-Hand Path. I am currently working with angels and archangels, primarily under the guidance of Damon Brand and his peers in the GOM.

Please know that I have mad respect for those of you who walk the Left-Hand Path. That takes serious courage and endurance, and from what I understand of this forum, demons are not what has been written/said about them in common Judeo-Christian folklore. To you and the dark entities with whom you work, I send my eternal love and admiration.

In summary, I am an RHP worker/walker from the USA. I am more than happy to offer my help/guidance to anyone willing to ask, but please forgive if my insight falls short in any way, as, despite several years’ of dabbling, I’m still totally GREEN. On the flip side, if you have experience on the RHP and would like to offer your guidance/mentorship, please feel free to message me. I am open to others’ insight, especially on this forum, and I’m easy to work with. :slight_smile:

That’s the end of this long intro. So glad to be here!


Hello there. I’m new to this forum as well. Good luck on your path and I hope you find what you are seeking! :wave:


Welcome :blush: