Glad i got all your attention

That was just for a joke sake but in all seriousness about the viking history lesson and the family crest that i was genuinely interested in and about ultimate magic, realms, portals and dimensional gateways as a a real discussion. Glad to know you all have a good sense of humor hahaha but to be serious now i am and i want to know as i am serious about wanting to know if there truly is ultimate magic and if there is a group i can talk to about it or just one person in particular and thanks for having some fun and showing that you all can be lively and not dull sticks in the mud. As i say thank you i mean it that is just my personality and my way of being respectful in showing gratitude you all do. Thank you. I am setting up an alter soon and a time frame on when and where I will conduct this ultimate experiment on reaching out to the Dark Lord himself for my special purpose and in all honesty I was being serious about the life extension clause. I truly want to know if it’s a real deal kind of thing that can be achieved. Thanks again everyone.

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I’m flagging this thread so moderators can check your threads and maybe your whole membership. You’re posting garbage since you joined this forum and now you admit it was all a joke.

As a respect to this place, I’m not going to say a single word more than that. But don’t push your luck and remember where you are and the kind of people you’re fucking with.

I’m out for now until @Lady_Eva check this and decide what to do.


Do you think this place is your playfield ?

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So you’re joking but not joking but you are but not really.

Okay take a break from posting please and read the forum for a bit.



So apperently you’ve already had some debates.

Now, you seem to like the word “ultimate”.

Think about that for yourself.

If you really want to commune with Darkness,
Lucifuge Rofocale,
or Erebus would be suggestions,
that might actually answer what you seek.

i wouldn’t recommend aproaching them,
with having Voldemord in your mind,
as a concept of what they are.

Just to give some reference.
Your own way of how you see others,
haves a huge influence in the reactions,
you get.

You did express some humbleness and gratefulness.

Don’t know what happened exactly,
and quite frank,
i don’t care.

Try to focus on those emotions,
i just named,
while working with the Dieties i mentioned.

We’ll see how things go from there.



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