Giving up everything to start from scratch

Hey! :smile:
As stated in the title, I intend to give up my “progress” and the spirits around me to start from scratch. It’s not cowardice, but more of a revelation that drives me to change.
It’s been a little more than 3 years that I’ve been in a different forum, but I’ve always asked for help from others to achieve my goals, the problem is that I’ve thrown more than 400$ for people to invoke spirits for me.

It hasn’t resulted in anything. Since others peoples had done everything for me, I neither meditated nor worked on my astral senses, and today I find myself at a dead end. My spirits have probably stopped trying to talk to me after all this time. :thinking: And to tell the truth, I honestly think that letting them go would be better for everyone, allowing me too to work and progress and not stagnate.

The downside is that in those spirit, there are 1 of them who seem to be a little closer to me, a succubus. Do you think that after 3 years of a stagnant relationship with almost no communication, she is really attached to me? I asked her, of course, but I haven’t got an answer in a week (automatic writing, tarot, pendulum).

I was thinking of letting her go and working on the letter of intent method (during the fool Moon, the 5th), and if she comes back after that invocation, good, the fact that I did it myself could only strengthen the bond between us… I think about that because I don’t feel anything for her (I already apologize to her for this). And I don’t think she feels anything for me either.

That said, I really don’t know which entities or deities to invoke after doing all this. :thinking:
Can you give me an idea of how to cut the bonds with these spirits and free them?

I’ve done this before, it’s normal in some paths.

Yes its a evolution. Mostly it comes from a lack of results, stank. Or want more of life, in process of re invent myself. Whit help of 5 peopls, im gwtting more knwlge, more, practice, and more tests, yes it cam be expensive, but it whort. I suggest, find a trusty person. Who may teach u a few spells according you level. Evocacion. Spells, words, and money rituals.