Giving thanks and appreciation to Pent'osch

Greetings everyone,

I would like to take this time out to thank the spirit Pent’osch from the Book of Azazel for helping me with an issue that caused me considerable distress for quite some time. I am not going to delve into specifics but it was a behaviour that I was addicted/obsessed with and it brought me to some terrible places within myself and my self-esteem was utterly shit. I remember the day where I felt so fucking hopeless and useless and was DONE WITH IT. I was desperate for spiritual intervention because the ‘medical professionals’ that I had been seeing at that time were…honestly quite useless.

Pent’osch stood out because of his description in the BOA:
"Pent’osch can derail negative situations in your life, no matter how immovable they may seem to be"

The evocation wasn’t pre-planned and I just jumped into it because I was very desperate at that point. Halfway through the ritual there was a vision of someone standing to my left outside the circle and it appeared like a female figure in robes.

Issued Pent’osch the task of helping me rid myself of the behaviour and closed the ritual. I performed the ritual on 22/2/18 and at that time I thought the whole thing was a failure because I felt the same way after the ritual but forgot about it pretty soon.

It’s been nearly 2 months and yesterday as I was doing some goal setting work, I realised the change and the absence of cravings and urges to partake in that behaviour. In the past I was never able to break free from the pattern for more than a week but now it’s virtually gone. My self-esteem has improved quite a bit (I still have a looong way haha) and I feel so much lighter. The old impulsiveness that used to rule me has significantly weakened and though I do get occasional temptations, 9/10 times I can talk myself out of it and has stopped being a huge pain in the ass for me.

A part of me is still like “No, this is just coincidence. The vision was self-made. Pent’osch did not come.” and maybe that is true, but the change is real and observable in my life, so if I made all of this up… well it’s been beneficial!

Thank you Pent’osch for aiding me, I really appreciate it. I encourage all of you to work with Pent’osch as well.

Have an awesome day ahead.