Giving Tarot readings

Wow, this is quite the image. Thank you for this reading. A LOT of this resonates, I’m just not sure how to proceed. I’ll definitely be making an offering though.

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you are so flattering :blush:

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Can you do me a scan…Thank you so much😀

I see a wolf then there’s a ferret and it lifts up a dandylion.
I see a woodburning stove and someone is flipping pancakes, then I see a knife and fork cutting a steak and then a frog appears.

I’ll have one please.

So it started off seeing a lizard it then turned red and then I was like hmm cause it’s like his name it zoomed into its eye it got sharp then I see a fang make me think of a tiger I think was that a tiger and I see a goat just standing in a clearing then I see a spoon my mind thinks drugs but it’ gets put into a mouth a eaten from I ask is it golden then see a golden spoon, I focus again imaging the spoon and see a goats head like the display image you have then I see a sexy women horns tail wings all the goods I picture her again and she now holding chains I wonder if its bondage or trapping and she bends over and makes a kissing action to know it’s sexual. I try to find out what element you use and see a black fire I think about your personal garden and see a stone floor with lots of tall pillars and alters a robed man in the middle in front of an alter I think who is he even though I know it was ment to be you and see the robed man again his robes disappear and I see him running to the right I think I hide the nakedness but he’s a nice green color reptilian I wonder about the red part and see a red and green reptilian head at same time they for a moment share the same eyes letting me know it’s a duelity two parts to the same person. I think about a sword and then I see an angel I think of the number 5 the angel is muscular and has long thick hair he’s standing on a stone like 10 feet away from you and a boulder at his feet like two tall your bowing to him but pissed about it mumbeling under your breath I try to figure out what angel it is it’s not Mike I see a no when I ask then I ask again if it Gabriel and a no appears but turns to a yes I think they just decided to lie so I didn’t wait like an hour trying o figure out who it is. I start the scan again see lizard then the goats staring I think it’s friendly and think to pet it and it likes it and licks me. I think what do you need to avoid and see a flash of that angel after an image of water then I see a small lake and the image of nesse shows up I think it’s a hint because my tarot deck is monster based and it has a nesse card I’ma check what that card means

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So after reading the cards meaning I’ve come to the conclusion what it says you should fear is letting your imagination create a negative event the angel flashing befor means that’s what you would be thinking about so don’t worry about the angel or give that much though better to not let negativity about it cause one to get upset and create a adverse consequence. I worded it better in my head and tried picturing the angel to see if I was right he nodded then patted my head.

I ask what should you look forward to and seen what I think is the pirate card but it was just a skeleton not a pirate skeleton so not sure if the card is relevant I asked and seen no.

I try to see the skeleton again and now it grows larger turns to dark brown flesh and has man arms. And asked what does that mean then see coins.

Mind giving one back?

Also for sonthing to look forward to I think it ment death in general so your afterlife looks good.

could i get a reading please

I need a reading, I need yo know what should I do?

Can i have an advice reading?

Will I marry Jtp. :heart:

If drawn, I can do a reading back ^^

So I did a draw for you reguarding what you need to do and it basically says you’ve been irritating people and they have been overlooking it even though they don’t have to. It warms of repercussions if you continue to be selfish in your demeanor it advises to be more aware of the desires of others and less of your own.

There’s an opertunity to learn you need to take advantage of you will do well with the knowledge you obtain and be abundant, it speaks of you being new to the topic and could be just about anything but you will have great synergy with it while implementing the knowledge.

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So I’ts a little hard to just come out and say what the cards revealed so I’ma just link the text associated to the pulled card

When the King of Swords is reversed, pangs of conscience no longer prick as keenly. It may be that morality and integrity have been compromised.

Your inner Wise One must be awakened from that state of blinded self interest and get back to serving the greater good. Hold yourself to a higher standard. Think about what you can contribute, not what you are going to get. Filter the static from your thinking. Relinquish self-absorption and turn your attention to protecting the greater good.

But it does seem like there not a wise pick just someone you’ve become attached to physically not spiritually it hints towards your mate being someone who would cause you to do greater things and that if with this person you would just be self Indulgent.

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Pm me a question not sure what to ask so if I drew a card it would be hard to put it into context unless I did a full spread and I don’t typically do those I’ve been getting really accurate answers just doing one card draws but I did do a reading recently that a card seperates from the deck twice so I used those 5 cards to do the love reading and it was really clear he needed to forget the one he’s after and that a good women would be brought to him he even wanted to double check it ment lose interest in the specific women and I drew death card when asking if he should cut cords.

I’ll ask the cards that the drawn card goes and effects reality on your behalf once drawn unless it’s an omen card a warning
Page of cups this is what I believe the cards putting it’s energy into doing for you

This person must work to achieve a stronger will and a more calculating mind, to balance and protect all that wonderful sensitivity.

So for a reading for me I’d like to know what I should currently focus my energy into.

Thank you Vaynord. I actually pulled a card for 20 ppl the other day with the question: what is coming towards you, near future. And I ended up pulling that same card king of swords reversed for myself haha.
If you want a card. Give me your question.
Thanks for the read.

That’s cool shows the power of cards same card same position. If you wanna pull me a card my question is what I should do about what my last reading told me how to follow up with her,