Giving out a few readings

will be giving out a few reading its been awhile and have time in a few hours. NO PMs. there was a question that I was particular interested in was those regarding question from spirits I do have troubles with questions like these and I like to work this a bit.


May I habe one? Thank you.

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I would like one. Thanks!

Thank you for offering❣️!
Can I please have one?

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What medium are you using to read?

A simple yes/no question: This week, can I buy a tarot deck that I like in a local store?

using cards for this

did you have question that you want to ask

Did you have question that you want ask

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Yes please… Any message or advice from spirits for me as you mentioned you want to practice it.

Yes please any advice from spirit I really need one

The energy that felt I can only describe it as stern some one driven by the vision and there goals. It good time to lean on other especially if life has not been fair to to you get the sense something is being bottle up put aside for later best to let all out now. Should be more hopeful for the future there is beauty in what you do not forget where the beauty it comes from. the tool for expressing your will and it is through your and will alone that thing are possible. Your inner strength knowing your limits and what must be done to grow seem to be important here. Lasty do not forget the usefulness of collaboration of other.
I don’t know how feel about this reading so any feedback is appreciated.

I see myself standing in the sky clouds moving speedily across the sky love felt in the air but something laying heavy in the heart. The yearning for liberation wanting to be free. Answer to questions is a possible yes but there my be something to catch your attention within the week to change your mind. Also Spirits say that something in your life need your attention what hang heavy on your heart need be released. Make sure to meditate on it.

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That is what the spirits said? I didn’t really understand what is being said. May I PM you for a detailed answer?

I see a big dark room and door with light coming out of it and shadow cast in the center of the room inviting but menacing. sounds like a heard choice must be made for your own betterment and it a tough pill to swallow. I’m told where the the mind has failed the heart will prevail this good time to get touch worth your emotions and help decide what need for the future the part of life the wish to experience should be strong drive force for next move only must believe you are your best chance if you hope to find a brighter future.

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Ya you can

Can I have a reading?

Did you have a particular question.

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Sure, any advice from a spirit works
Thank you!

No, just a general reading.