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Just got these cosma visions Oracle but need to break it in these cards are suppose to be a reflection of and used in conjunction to my other deck the Prisma visions Tarot. Any feedback is appreciated. no PM first come first served.


Can u gimme a general reading

i need a reading g, general

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I’ll take a general reading as well

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A general reading
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A general Reading please :slight_smile:

I’d like a general one please :slightly_smiling_face:

Id love a reading please

Yes please if theres room for me - can do a trade if I am too late for a free one

Your cards look fantastic!

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I am interested! If I am one of the lucky ones I have a specific question <3 Thank you

Hi. Can you still do one for me please.

Can I get one ?

hey if you are still doing it, Could you please do a love one for me regarding the person I have in mind and I❤️

Cards tell me that there much external conflict in your past that you reach a put in your life where you can indulge little while chase after success remember to stay vigilant don’t let you pleasures consume you you’ll need clear mind for what comes next and there my be chaos but your expected to navigate through it endure there light at the end of this tunnel just keep push and never give up. Any feedback is appreciated.

The cards talk of a moment of clarity in your past and strong sense of balance and stability that something or someone might have brought in your life but now find yourself at a cross road it time let the baggage that your carry go move on with your life. For what you hold on to has left you long ago take the time mourn your loss then prepare to move forward remember your vision. soon the perfect pieces will fall in place be ready snatch them out of the sky hold on to them to tightly. Any feedback is appreciated.

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You might be emotional and mentally tired from others energy or with a relationship might be good time to resign yourself and learn more about yourself and appreciate all that made who you are. There is shift or change erupt like opportunity ripe for the taking it up to you to capitalize what the world bring what ever fire it ignites ride out until slow be persistent look to transform any unfavorably situation in to winning asset.

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It seem you been might be doubt you self or my be especially anxious in the past my have stumbled a bit in finding niche always remember that there a light at the end. feel that the present situation might be related to relationship of some kind and might be bring you down or might be throw your life in chaos. Card ask that you understand the fluidity of life that thing come and go and you constantly be molded like are world all you do is move forward in pursuit of your Hope and dream be hopeful and ash of one experience light the fire for another. Any feedback is appreciated.

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The card talk of something lost which may have lead to conflict or vice versa you seem in intent on persevering you mentally and emotionally stability which have result in you over indulging in pleasure of life which is interesting because the vessel reflect temperance well there something that your not facing and it time face your demons bring yourself back into balance in mind body and soul and allow yourself to truly to enjoy life to it fullest don’t be afraid to give to other in the future if fine your in a favorable position.

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Hay did you still want to trade let me know