Giving orgasm from a distance

Now here is an intriguing passage from a rare book called the Harmonious Circle. It talks about remotely giving a woman an orgasm.

“Landau’s informant had last seen Gurdjieff at a reception in the spring of 1933. He had been sitting at a table with a woman friend, a novelist. * Gurdjieff caught her eye and began to breathe in and out in a peculiar fashion. The novelist turned pale. After a few minutes, she recovered and admitted to him that whatever Gurdjieff had been doing had “struck her right through her sexual center.” In plainer language, she had been given an orgasm by remote control.”

Surely one of you must know about this. Please explain how the technique is done.




He connected to her swadistana , sexual chakra. First, he established the connection to her energy field through the eyes , then he connected his own sexual chakra to hers.

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We call it hypnosis. Talk to some woman about sex/orgasm phallic symbols and they can easily get orgasm cuz that’s all in their head all the time. Especially nymphs. If you describe the sensations detail enough with rich descriptions. Some ladies can have orgasm without touching them. Some people’s voice make them feel good down there. Voice is sexy to some. Tell them love romance novels scenes in the bedroom and they get hot and bothered. why else romance novels is always selling out? cuz the ladies love them. It makes them feel hot. =o)

From your post. It’s basically someone having a rapport connection through body language / breathing. Due to certain breathing rhythm and pattern as well as energy projection and eyes staring and engagement. The lady is getting turned on and through her own imagination . she got off. The breathing imitate her increasing feelings of pleasures with the intimacy of eye contact.


Do you know how to do it


Do you know how to do it? Have you ever done it to someone

Lol where’s he gone

That’s beautiful. Following. (All I can say is that it sounds like the ‘whispering obscenities to her ear’ taken to another level).

Haha yes That’s it. He’s a very powerful occultist

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