Giving Credit To The Gods

I would like to take this time to thank the following spirits for helping my life in ways both Mundane and Magickal. Without these spirits I would not have progressed so far in such a little time.

King Paimon- Thank you for helping me gain the recognition I desired from the church community (lol How ironic).
Lord Belial - Thank you for granting me the job I desired, now I will be able to make more money and have to deal with a lot less bullshit.
Lady Mepsitahl- Thank you for helping me with gaining my scrying abilities and helping me open my third eye.
Raphael - Thank you for healing me of guilt and for easing the pain of child abuse.
Lotir - Thank you for helping me with love issues.
Opfaal - Thank you for helping cure myself of my sex addiction, and for riding me of useless distractions so that I can focus on more on my magick studies.
Djinn - Thank you for helping me strength my muscles and becoming strong.
Aries/Mars - Thank you for granting me the strength to improve my body and my energy.
Sastan- Thank you for helping me get started on fire scrying and for putting up with my impatience lol. I was a dumbass when we got started, your lessons have served me well.

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Hey man, thats nice to hear, keep it up!

Love it when people give spirits credit. Some people these days are just so ungrateful.