Giving credit to the elders that share wisdom on BALG

I just want to thank the “regulars” here that respond to the questions I ask from time to time, PM or otherwise. They have helped me more than an internet search ever has. I won’t name names. They probably don’t want that as well. This site has changed my life and I thank all my friends here for the knowleged I’ve gained.

Here are a few things to ponder or comment upon…

  1. Lucifer is my go to guy. When I stopped doing my weekly Sunday candle prayer, I
    lost all my gains from months of work. Once I did so last Suday, It’s all back to

  2. There is a little black flying bug in my bedroom. Like a gnat, but really small. It
    only shows up when I get ready to do my work. It’s been here for months.

  3. When I pray to Lucifer, with my candle ritual, I don’t ask him for anything, I just
    thank him, my ears pop like the pressure when you’re on a jet at 30,000 feet. It’s
    trippy as hell man.

Please comment if this has happened to you. Thanks to the BALG community. Y’all are the best.