Giving a demon more than one task before any results

So can i call a demon multiple times to give it different tasks before any of them come about. Or do I have to wait until one result comes about before tasking the demon with another one? I just want to say thank you for all the excellent information you guys give on this forum. It’s probably the most reliable occult forum on the internet since there’s so many occultists that practice different things.


No. You will piss the demon off and it will do a half ass job, or may not complete the tasks at all.

Think of it this way. Would you ask a friend to do something for you, and then, even though he hasn’t completed the first favour, you keep calling him up and asking for more and more favours? Eventually, your friend is going to tell you off.

By giving the same spirit multiple tasks, you are diffusing its power and preventing it from bringing its full strength to bear for each task.


This also depends on your relationship to the demon. Most often than not this will be perceived by the demon as an offence and as if you are not taking your pact with him/her seriously.

Some demons might actually lash out and start hunting you down if they are the aggressive kind.

You should think all of your requests thoroughly and wisely before summoning up the demon. Take your time even if it has to be months until you come up with everything you want done. Keep a notepad accessible where you can add or remove wishes as if you are preparing a shopping list.

When you’re done summon up the demon but be warned, the more you ask for the more he/she is going to ask in return.

All the best wishes mate!:wink:


Alternatively, if it is a demonic king you are asking, he likely has legions of spirits he could assign to the task. Maybe try approaching it that way?


Don’t all goetic demons have legions ?

These all powerful entities just live to serve the bottom feeding life forms who keep throwing orders at them.

Do you have a clue why the majority of your work will backfire or go not quite according to plan? Arrogance, laziness, and an unjustified sense of entitlement to what these entities can offer you.

They will give you x, y, and z - but you forgot to mention you wanted x version 1, y version 2.4, and z version 10 and the entity gave you the wrong version; so you blame the entity. Or you throw a dozen commands at the entity, it starts off getting you the thing of value, but you change your mind partway through so add a codicil to the ritual and then you wonder why it takes longer.

Ask for less and do it right; put in the work yourself ON YOURSELF, forgive me if I don’t sugar coat that for you - the entities expect you to put in your work as well.

But hey you just keep doing what you think is easiest.

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I have now found out that if you are actively working to achieving your goal or desire you can ask the demon for all those requests. I realized that this makes sense since they’re are thousands of people that use these spirits. All of us get results from the spirits. However you should leave a few days between rituals. With that being said. If you call on sallos and ask for a specific girl to like u and a few days later you call on him to attract different people who have the potential to love you he will do both results. When it comes down to it these spirits are energies that are directed to achieve different outcomes. When said with authority and as if your the manager of a business or better yet a king in your kingdom your royal guards must listen. You are not dealing with a human you are dealing with a spirit. If you call on sallos and ask for 4 results on one calling he might get mad but if you call him 4 different times for different results he will and should be able to do all of them as if he was just doing one. Like I said they energies that can be directed towards many different things when you put the effort and time to do the rituals and do the work in the real world. I have done this myself and have now realized that the results are still as good as if you wait for each one to manifest. This should be a relief to anyone that read this post before hand because I myself wanted to work with belial since he is really powerful. I will be needing him for a lot of things that I’m going to be doing and now I know you can use and talk to him about all these things. When you all first responded I had asked because I had a lot of stuff on my mind and was getting deeply into magick so I can make changes in myself my life and the people around me. I did not take your advice and instead experimented with what I’m telling you. The only thing that would produce shoddy or half ass results is lusting for results. With that said take what I have said as an opinion and do it if you want. But know now that if you need money love, to curse, fame, or whatever it is you want to achieve you can and have the right to do so. I was very pleased when I found this out.