Given up become a game developer guided by 9 gatekeepers

Hi yeah i use to have such a interest in become a game developer building a epic pc for that reason until Anglicare squash that they agreed with it at first until they stuck there beek in and started to control it, so the 9 gatekeepers attitude is backing me up, told me to change my thoughts a way to resist Anglicares way of control is refusal by keep on putting saving up to purchase crappy PC products and purchase the volume 3 Azazel which i have done, which NDIS logs into clients accounts then inform Anglicare what i achieved very differently, by the guidance of the 9 gatekeepers, compelling me to keep on purchasing 1 of each volume of each gatekeeper, will coarse a huge resistance effect a way will keep on pushing Anglicare away from me already i lost 1 day of support more like Anglicare is a Bible bashing company of support that is built on a lie controlling people into enslavement likes to keep clients under there control, next volume i be ready to purchase is volume 4 Abaddon as a resistance to change to forg my destany as a rebellion to Anglicares mind control, then they may pull there fake support all together then once there gone go back a start purchasing high end pc parts and if for reason Anglicare is heng around like a bad smell keep putting off purchasing a pc i just come up with any excuse to bypass Anglicares control.

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How about making a low end game that runs on old hardware?

Or better a 1300 dollar HP laptop

Na i thought about all that ancient computer hardware would end up with a very dumb computer with a very low iQ, sorry dumb a slow computers don’t do very much for me. And also going against the direct orders of the 9th gatekeepers, as well as becoming Anglicares pet, which doesn’t become me. And know i not interested in owning a NASA supercomputer.

You sound like you have a plan & an actioning for that but in a tricky situation. … lik when im forced to call st vinnies to feed my daughter and starve myself (the self starving i am not doing on purpose anymore).

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