Give yourself a pat on the back

i have a feeling somebody somewhere on this page needs a little bit of positive reinforcement. to everyone from E.A down to newcomers who haven’t discovered this forum yet. give yourself a pat on the back for whatever reason you can think of. maybe you’ve given somebody some good advice that worked or maybe have done someone a favor and haven’t gotten paid back yet. you’ve done good, don’t let anybody tear you down, remember you ARE a god. we all are, take care of yourselves gods and goddesses. now go get yourself some ice cream

Haha the ice cream part made me laugh. But yea seriously some people need too realize this many lie myself are too hard on themselves. Its a good thing and a curse at the same time. As far as ice cream i dont think of a more godly flavor than chocolate marshmallow

Ironically, I just finished a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food before reading this. I felt I deserved it after having two teeth pulled today.

Argh!!! Yea man thats rough i do feel for you.

Haha. I prefer Pistachio Gelato. Also treating myself to RibEye steak, and Chicken and Steak Teriyaki. Also havent been getting enough fluids…ran out of bottled water so I installed a little 3 Stage Pur water filter on my faucet…pure heaven having more access to regular cold tasting water. This is great as I am starting running twice a day for working out so need to up the water intake.

Yea with moving ill have to get one of those they have ones that infuse a flavoring too if they are still around not sure if they took off or not

yall are making me hungry