Give thanks to Girra

I’ve Googled this and got very little information on giving thanks to Girra. I’ve never given thanks to a god or a spirit, so how do you do that?

What about an offering with something the spirit pleases (you would need to make a little research for that), as a way of saying thank you?

I agree. An offering you feel the spirit would appreciate. Another idea, when working with Belial I offered to spread his name and agreed to leave messages on paper with his sigil (usually “Hail, Beilial”) in public places where people would see them. I have had good results. If it is something big or more demanding, then maybe think about a few drops of your blood.

EA eventually got back to me about this matter and apparently it’s as simple as saying thank you. No need to make offerings. But thanks for the responses. I’ll keep these in mind should I ever need to make offerings to other spirits in the future.

Are you talking about pomba giras?

I don’t know what pomba giras is, sorry.