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Is it possible to have a demon lover? if so How to do it?

Use the search option please, this question has being answered a million of times.


Yes, it is.

Evoke one, preferably one you have worked closely with and trust, and make the offer. Some demons will be more interested in sex than others, but they will let you know if they want that kind of relationship with you.

However, be very careful and make sure you have your senses developed to the point you can properly communicate. Sex is like ringing the dinner bell for parasites, so be very sure of who you are offering yourself to. If you are a beginner, it is dangerous.


And after reading a million posts I’m still confused

Thanks I will try

Yes it’s very possible to do it but in addition to what @DarkestKnight has stated, I’d recommend you think this through very clearly, they’re a decent amount of work. I have been approached by Goddesses with romantic intentions and this moments have been amazing but it’s really not that different from dating humans.

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Perhaps try reading the words instead of the spaces between them then.