Give me hope... tell me your Goetic success stories?

Hey! As I stated in a previous post, I’ve been a dabbler for many many years and have read a lot on evocation and even had a small number of successes (though I still haven’t managed communicating with the spirits in a way that I can hear them…)
I’ve read the fantastical success stories many times but I just wanted to ask if some of you could tell me your stories about specifically, successes you’ve had when working with the Goetic Kings… i’ve been working with King Belial and King Paimon lately and I think i’ve started seeing results. But it’s going to take a lot for me to get my full, proper results as literally no method has worked so far for the past 3 years…
So yeah, do any of you have any stories of times you’ve worked with the spirits of the goetia and they’ve delivered exactly what you asked for?
how long did it take?
what did you offer in return?
did you give them offerings when you started seeing results or not until the whole thing is complete and you’ve seen full results?
also when giving offerings, how is it best done, for example if i wanted to give a spirit some rum or something - how do i do it? do i just pour it out? or leave it in the bottle next to a candle? and what do i do with the seemingly untouched alcohol afterwards? :joy:
ps i know there will probably be some of you with stories you don’t want to share, or maybe it’s part of the deal you made with the spirits that you don’t share it or anything… that’s fine, but if anyone is willing to tell me their successes that would be brilliant :heart::heart::heart:


Currently working with Duke Sallos, he’s accepted my petition now just to wait for results


I’ve had success with both well waiting for the finishing touches from Belial well I’ve had success with alot of different ones

I asked king paimon to help me find a suitable place for me and my kids when my daughter was in the hospital he gave me a place walking distance from the hospital

I asked oribus I believe to help get my book recognition and he returned in three days very successful alot of new people liked my book that I didn’t know

I asked my beloved furfur to bring an ex back however he bring him back but not the way I wanted we stayed friends Furfur thought I would be better off this way and honestly I am cause I gained a new love from this and no amount of love from a human can compare to the love a demon has harbored for me we are happily uh married… together or something w.e

Back to my daughter she was the reason I came to this path in the first place she was sick with cancer almost two years ago acute myeloid leukemia otherwise known as ml is an adult strand of leukemia that she caught are was diagnosed with it’s a lot of it’s very aggressive strand of leukemia and very hard to cure actually so I could have lost her all the praying didn’t help so I turned to what I thought might…
I called on sabknock begged and cried to heal her and he did the time from was short but she still stayed in the hospital to get treatment but if I didn’t call him she may not have survived that honestly I owe him all the cake in the world for giving me my baby back lol well that all he asked for was some cake just to do so so yeah…

I asked for others help like marcosious to help me learn to stand up for myself and fight also protection

King paimon to teach me to be alot calmer when yelling at people…

Some one to keep cps and others off my back
I think it was either Belial or marcosious

Sitri for love…didn’t happen but he was still awesome

Dantalion to change an ex thoughts got me and other stuff in case he actually did

Sallos to take my love and feelings away I had for said ex cause I was tired of being pulled and jerked around by him he did

Lucifer Levi and enki for allowing a union with Furfur that is in a post about our marriage renewal ceramony

Amy giving me writing ideas out side of my comfort zone she has

Bune to help with financial she has came through many times and saved my ass

Mistress gusion to help me love myself cause that’s the most important thing and I feel she is still helping me with this


I think that’s it honestly but I know I called on a few … But I can’t remember what for but so far I can say I’ve had pretty good success with their help honestly and truth be told I adore each one of the and love just to call them and just talk…

Trust I’m what he is doing for you and it will all work out


Wow this is long sorry