Give me a message from Father Satan and His Demons

Hello everybody,
Is there anyine who can send me messages from Father Satan and His Demons. I appreciate if anyone coyld talk to him and let me know. Please.

Sorry, but we are not a messenger service. I don’t understand why people keep asking the members here to play telephone with spirits for them. :roll_eyes:

If someone chooses to do this, be very appreciative, but do NOT get whiny and complain if no one wants to.


To be honest, it seems really stupid to me to rely on others for communication with spirits. Enough gets lost in the translation when its just me and the spirit I’ve evoked, don’t even want to imagine what it would be like second hand. Plus you can never REALLY know if the person is just fucking with you or delusional themselves.


Instead of relying on others why not go to father himself? He will be more pleased if you could put effort into it rather than just getting someone else to do it…oh and sorry if you feel the elders here are being grumpy haha they have been here for a long time and it’s frustrating for them to continuously be saying stuff that they have said already 10 times to other people haha


Thank you. I understood my mistake. Either someone can play with me, or they can be just delusional. True.


There’s countless threads on evoking demons have a read and give it your best shot is all I can say! All the best!


It’s good that you understand this early on. That’s the first step to beIng self reliant and developing your own abilities.


A Spirit will be much more receptive if you show initiative and practice so you can talk to them yourself.


You are not prepared my Padawan :joy: